Maple Cottage

Introducing the Maple Cottage, a practical and comfortable accommodation option within our wedding venue. This one-bedroom flat is equipped with a spacious double bed and ensuite bathroom, providing convenience and privacy. The kitchen is designed for functionality, allowing guests to prepare meals or enjoy a quiet cup of coffee.

The living area features a sofa bed and a TV, offering a simple space to unwind. Maple Cottage is particularly suitable for families, providing a practical solution for parents with young children. The separate bedroom allows for putting the kids to bed while the adults can continue enjoying the celebration without disturbance.

Whether you seek a quiet retreat after a day of festivities or a convenient space for your family to spend some quality time together, Maple Cottage caters to both needs. Embrace the charm of this accommodation option, ensuring a comfortable stay within the serene surroundings of our wedding venue.

Within the cosy accommodation, you’ll find all the necessary conveniences for a tranquil stay, such as Wi-Fi, electric heating, hot water, and an iron. Our committed staff goes the extra mile to guarantee that each guest has a remarkable and pleasant experience, regardless of the duration of their stay, be it short or extended.

The Bar​

Next to the Tudor Barn and leading off the Starlit Hall is our amazing Bar. The spacious Bar, with plenty of room for even the largest wedding parties and fully backlit with ambient lighting, is a great meeting hub for the evening party.

Not all the guests enjoy a typical sit-down wedding in a general function room for the entire day. Some people want to shout over a disco while others prefer something a little more intimate like having a drink and chatting with a group of friends. The Bar with a cosy vibe serving a selection of fabulous drinks is popular with this group of guests.

As the dancing area is directly next door and is accessed through quadruple-opening doors, guests may relax and chat in the Bar while hearing the music in the background and feeling like they are still a part of the party. The Bar allows your guests to leave the party bustle, roll around, grab a drink and return to the dance floor as they like.

The Bar is perfect not only for wedding parties but also for every other occasion, be it a birthday, an engagement, an anniversary, or a graduation party. For the comfort of your guests, a spacious accessible restroom is just off the Bar.

The salon’s ambiance seamlessly marries the charm of old-fashioned beams with the sophistication of state-of-the-art furnishings, creating a unique and captivating space. A private entrance at the back ensures the utmost privacy, allowing the bride and her party to prepare without prying eyes. This thoughtful design also enables the bride to make a discreet entrance and be whisked away to the aisle in a car, preserving the magic of that first reveal.

Beyond the pre-ceremony preparations, our Bridal Salon serves as a sanctuary throughout the day, offering a dedicated space for hair and makeup touch-ups, ensuring the bride remains radiant from the first step down the aisle to the last dance of the evening. Experience the epitome of bridal luxury in our meticulously crafted Bridal Salon.



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