10 Wedding Photography Styles for Your Special Day

wedding photography styles

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When planning your wedding, choosing the right photographer is the key. There are so many talented photographers out there, but not all of them may be a good fit for your wedding. Each photographer can have a different style and more expertise in one area than another. Wedding photography styles encompass a diverse array of approaches, techniques, and aesthetics that photographers employ to capture the magic and beauty of a couple’s special day. Here is a list of the current trends and styles in wedding photography that you need to familiarise yourself with before choosing your photographer. 

1. Traditional

Traditional wedding photography style - Minstrel Court
Photo by Євгенія Височина on Unsplash

The main characteristic of traditional wedding photography is classic, timeless poses and compositions. Photographers in this style typically focus on capturing formal portraits of the couple, family, and wedding party in a structured and organised manner. 

A traditional photographer makes sure everything is in order before the ceremony. They want to control the lighting, set up as they see fit, and plan everyone’s poses during the party, dinner, and even exit. After all, they are determined to get formal shots of the most important parts of the wedding day.

2. Photojournalism

Wedding photography styles - Minstrel Court
Photo by Yohann LIBOT on Unsplash

Photojournalistic wedding photography aims to capture candid moments and real emotions as they unfold naturally throughout the wedding day. Also known as documentary or reportage style, photojournalism takes a more hands-off approach. It focuses on authenticity and candid moments to capture the wedding as it unfolds.

The documentary photographer blends into the background to observe and capture genuine interactions between the couple, guests, and surroundings. Here, nothing is forced, and all actions and reactions are real. The photographer does not interfere with anything and tries to remain as invisible as possible.

3. Fine Arts

Fine arts wedding photography style - Minstrel Court
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Fine art wedding photography elevates wedding photos to the level of artistic expression. In this style, the photographer attempts to take detailed photos worthy of being called a work of art. The assumption is that you will take the photo and hang it on the wall for others to not only admire you in your wedding attire but also praise the photographer and get extra energy from it. 

Fine art wedding photographers may employ various techniques to enhance the mood and atmosphere of the images. They look at the result as a stand-alone image, and that is why they may consider polishing it later. In that sense, this style is similar to editorial photography.

4. Editorial

Editorial wedding photography style - Minstrel Court
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Editorial wedding photography draws inspiration from fashion photography and editorial spreads. This style emphasises stylized, fashion-forward images that showcase the couple in a polished and glamorous light.

In this style, the bride and groom will feel like supermodels whose photos will appear in a magazine. The photographer will be like a director who provides cues and props for the couple to have their best cinematic look. The couple should be prepared to receive directions and act based on what the photographer tells them.

5. Vintage Style

wedding photography styles - Minstrel Court
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Vintage photographers use various techniques to create images that evoke the look and feel of old-fashioned photographs. They often incorporate elements of retro fashion, classic cars, and antique props to enhance the vintage aesthetic.

There are mainly two ways to achieve a vintage look. One way is during post-production and in the editing room by using various filters and techniques. The other way is during the photography itself. Here, the photographer will find angles and movements that will help him capture nostalgic photos.

6. Dark and Moody

wedding photography styles - Minstrel Court
Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

The dark and moody style is ideal for couples seeking a more dramatic and cinematic feel for their wedding photos. Here, the photographer pays utmost attention to the emotions and tries to capture the subject’s true self.

This style is characterised by rich colours, deep shadows, and dramatic lighting to create a moodier and more atmospheric look. The photographer pays close attention to lighting and contrasts of colour. The purpose is to create drama and In the end, the photographer will take on the role of an editor and enhance the dramatic feel of the photos captured.

7. Black and White

Black-and-white wedding photography style - Minstrel Court
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Black-and-white wedding photography can add a sense of elegance and sophistication to the photos, emphasising the mood and emotion captured within each frame. It’s a popular choice for couples who appreciate the simplicity and timelessness of black-and-white imagery.

All photographers can provide you with black-and-white versions of your digital photos. What they need to do is take the colour images and convert them during post-production. However, it is still important to go through your options before the photography takes place, so they know you also want some black and white photos in your gallery.

8. Aerial Photography

Aerial photography - Minstrel Court
Photo by Marjan Taghipour on Unsplash

Aerial wedding photography involves capturing images from an elevated perspective, often using drones or other aerial equipment. This style offers a unique and breathtaking viewpoint, showcasing the wedding venue, landscape, and surroundings from above.

The photographers will use different tools to get the best result. They can use ladders or elevated spots, like rooftops, for their photos. Recently, the use of drones has gained popularity as well. For aerial shots, the photographer needs extra help and equipment, which you need to provide them with before the start.

9. Landscape Photography

Landscape wedding photography style - Minstrel Court
Photo by Camila Cordeiro on Unsplash

Landscape photographers emphasise capturing scenic landscapes. They often capture wide shots that showcase the expansive beauty of the environment as well as intimate moments between the couple against the backdrop of nature.

This style is especially ideal for destination weddings and for couples who prefer to go on an adventure on their wedding day. Landscape photographers are not afraid to tread on uneven paths, climb up mountains, and chase after you. They are also able to locate ideal local spots for you if you are determined to wander off during the cocktail hours.

10. Film Style

Film style - Minstrel Court
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Film-style wedding photography takes inspiration from the look and feel of analogue film photography. Photographers in this style use film cameras or digital editing techniques to emulate the aesthetics of film photography.

Film style is rather difficult, and not every photographer feels skilled enough to handle it. The fear is not getting the right photos with the film, and that is why the couple should do some research to find an experienced photographer for this goal.

Wedding photography styles provide couples with a wealth of creative possibilities to immortalise their wedding day in breathtaking photographs that they will cherish for a lifetime. With a good knowledge of current trends, you can hope to find the right photographer for your special day.

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