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Whatever size your wedding is going to be, you will need planning, preparation, and extra help. That is where the bridal party comes into place, and you need to find the right bridesmaids to help you around. You can select your bridesmaids from among your close friends, sisters, and sister-in-laws. There are different ways you can propose to them and wait for them to agree to be your bridesmaids during the whole ceremony. One popular way is by giving them heartfelt gifts and thereby showing how important they are. Here are some of the best bridesmaid proposal gift ideas to get you started.

1. Memory Box

This memory box is a beautifully crafted wooden container that comes in different sizes. Whether the bridesmaid wants to fill it with mementos, jewellery, or heartfelt letters, this versatile design provides ample space to hold cherished memories.

2. Nail Polish

Nail polish is a thoughtful and unique way to pop the question. This special nail polish can be customised with the message or question printed directly on the bottle or on a label attached to it.

3. DIY Baskets

A great gift idea is a simple DIY basket with a card that pops the question. Inside the baskets, you can include other items, such as perfume and a small dry flower. Add decorative touches such as ribbons, tissue paper, or fresh flowers to finish off the basket and give it a polished look.

4. Gift Box

A bridesmaid proposal gift box is another top choice. As you open the lid of the proposal box, you’re greeted with a delightful ensemble of carefully selected items. Inside, you find a chic can cooler, a stemless champagne glass, and a dainty necklace, which could be gold or silver. Completing the ensemble is an appreciation card, thoughtfully penned with heartfelt words of gratitude.

5. Bridesmaid Proposal Card

This bridesmaid proposal card is crafted with a luxurious linen texture. It boasts a tactile quality that adds a touch of refinement to its appearance. Whether it’s for your best friend, sister, sister-in-law, or another cherished loved one, the card can be personalised with thoughtful words and sentiments.

6. Bridesmaid Necklace

This bridesmaid necklace gift exudes elegance and charm. It features a delicate handmade bow and a chain that is crafted from high-quality 14K gold or rhodium silver plating. The necklace is elegantly packaged in a cute jewellery pouch, ready for you to propose to your bridesmaid.

7. Bath Bomb

A bath bomb is another delightful and pampering bridesmaid gift idea. Choose from a selection of high-quality bath bombs with luxurious scents and nourishing ingredients. Find a fragrance that will appeal to your future bridesmaids. 

8. Bridesmaid Cookies

If you are more into sweets than jewellery, perhaps cookies are the best gift for your bridesmaid proposal occasion. Bridesmaid cookies are a sweet and charming bridesmaid gift idea, offering your closest friends a delicious treat to enjoy during the wedding festivities or as a heartfelt thank-you gesture.

9. Hair Ties

Choose light, shiny-coloured hair ties that complement your wedding theme and the bridesmaids’ preferences. Arrange the hair ties neatly around a presentation card, creating an attractive display. Personalise the card and the ties with a special message for your future bridesmaids, and give it to them during the proposal.

10. Vintage Key

A bronze antique vintage-styled key is another suitable proposal gift. There is a wooden tag attached to the vintage key. You can personalise each wooden tag with the name of the bridesmaid and ask if they are willing to be your maid of honour. There is a matching ribbon around the vintage key and wooden tag to add an extra layer of elegance and refinement. 

11. Bridesmaid Balloons

Bridesmaid balloons adorned with ribbons and a pop-the-question message offer a playful and visually appealing way to invite your closest friends to be part of your wedding party. Print or write the “Will you be my bridesmaid?” or “Will you stand by my side?” message on the surface of the balloon using a permanent marker or vinyl lettering.

12. Donuts

Donuts, similar to cupcakes, can make for a delicious and whimsical bridesmaid proposal idea. Package the donuts in a charming donut box to keep them fresh and presentable. The message “I donut want to be married without you” is written on the box. It adds a nice touch and lets your bridesmaids know how much they mean to you.

13. Stemless Flutes

Personalised stemless flutes are an elegant and practical gift option for your bridesmaids. Customise them with a message, name, or question, and serve them to your friends and sisters during the party. Select a design that is not only visually appealing but also comfortable to hold and easy to clean.

14. Tie the Knot Bracelet

A “Tie the Knot” bracelet with the message “Thank you for helping me tie the knot” is a sentimental and meaningful bridesmaid gift. It could be gold or silver, but it is equally beautiful and suitable for your maid of honour.

15. Emergency Kit

Creating an emergency kit as a bridesmaid gift is not only practical but also thoughtful, ensuring your bridesmaids are prepared for any unforeseen mishaps on your wedding day. The kit has to be beautifully designed and easily usable for other purposes. Keep in mind, your bridesmaids will cherish them as keepsakes.

16. Jigsaw Puzzle

To add a playful touch to the big question, try a jigsaw puzzle. Your future bridesmaids will have the task of solving the puzzle by unravelling the text, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” It could be a simple puzzle, and the only thing that matters is the fun playing it and the realisation afterward.

Finding the perfect bridesmaid proposal gift is an opportunity to show your appreciation for the friends and loved ones who will stand by your side on your special day. By putting thought and care into your bridesmaid proposal gifts, you not only invite your bridesmaids to be part of your wedding journey but also create lasting memories that they will cherish forever.

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