5 Unique Baby Shower Decorations for the Special Mum-to-Be

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Nobody deserves more attention and care than expectant parents. Throwing a memorable baby shower is the best way to pamper them with love and support. Maybe, it’s the first time you’re planning a baby shower, and might not know where to start planning one. So, we have to tell you that choosing your baby shower decorations can be a great place to begin.

By picking a unique and personalised theme, you can create a celebration that perfectly reflects the soon-to-be-parents’ personality and interests. Plus, it can help guide your party meals and snacks, activities, outfits, favours and more. In this post, we have suggested some unique baby shower decoration ideas for you. Use our favourite ideas as a starting point for inspiration to personalise your own happy celebration.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on these baby shower decorations; there are many ways to DIY them. It’s all about your baby shower theme, once you get the general ideas, you can blend them with your own creativity and make sure you’ve thrown the mum-to-be a special party that is all about her.

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Before You Choose Your Baby Shower Decorations…

1. Consider the Preferences of the Parents-to-Be 

Think about their style, interests, and any themes they might have in mind for the celebration. Are they anticipating a big celebration with expertly crafted decorations, or would they prefer a cosy gathering at home? Have they already envisioned a particular theme for the event? Consider their favourite colours, hobbies, and even cultural backgrounds to tailor the decorations to their unique tastes. 

2. Take into Account Your Venue

Consider your venue carefully before selecting your baby shower decorations. The venue sets the tone for the entire event, influencing the style and scale of decorations you can use. Whether you’re hosting the shower in a cosy home, a spacious event hall, or a charming outdoor setting, each space presents its own opportunities and limitations. If you opt for an outdoor affair or an indoor gathering will greatly influence your decor choices. Take into account factors such as the size of the venue, its existing decor, and any restrictions on decoration placement or type. 

3. Decide on a Girly, Boyish, or Gender-Neutral Theme

Think about the theme you want to convey. Whether you’re aiming for a girly, boyish, or gender-neutral atmosphere, each choice offers its own unique charm.

4. Choose between Kid or Grown-Up Decor

Contemplate whether you’ll opt for kid-themed decorations, with playful colours, cartoon characters, and whimsical designs, or a more sophisticated and mature decor approach with a grown-up vibe with rich golds and natural greens, elegant floral arrangements, subtle pastel hues, and refined accents.

5 Unique Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

1. The Arrival of Our Little Prince

Inspired by the classic children’s book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, this theme creates a charming and magical ambiance for your baby shower. Decorate the venue with soft shades of blue and gold to capture the essence of royalty. Incorporate quotes from the book into signage or place cards to add a touch of literary charm. 

Top Table Decorations

Adorn your table with petite retro suitcases, a toy plane, a fox figurine, a cake inspired by the Little Prince, cupcakes adorned with tiny crowns, cuddly sheep and fox plush toys, or cupcake toppers featuring illustrations of the Little Prince. Additionally, you may opt for star or crown-shaped cookies, a figurine or statue of the Little Prince, or a framed print depicting scenes from the beloved book to enhance the decor of your main table.


A Little Prince poster

Balloon clouds

Blue and gold bunting

Star garland


Red rose in a jar

A vase full of stars

The Little Prince small books


Small potted roses

Star-shaped cookies 

Little prince tote bags

Bookmarks with little prince quotes

Tiny red rose in a little jar

Wooden toy planes

2. The Stork’s Surprise Delivery

Embark on a whimsical journey with “The Stork’s Surprise Delivery” baby shower theme, where anticipation and delight take centre stage. Embrace the joyous arrival of a new bundle of joy with baby shower decorations inspired by the mythical stork’s journey. Adorn the venue with fluffy white clouds, delicate feathers, and pastel hues to create an ethereal atmosphere. 

Top Table Decorations

Enhance your top table with plush stork toys or a stork pinata, along with nest-like baskets, wooden birdhouses, and small alphabet wooden blocks for added charm. Treat your guests to delightful refreshments, including sweet stork-shaped treats, cloud cookies, egg-shaped chocolates, cotton candy, and cupcakes adorned with paper or faux feathers, baby feet, milk bottle, pacifier, and stroller cookies.


Baby onesie bunting

A large banner of a stork carrying a baby bundle

DIY clouds with cotton or balloons

Cloud garland

giant BABY blocks


A flower basket with stork figures on it

Miniature nests made with twigs and moss


Mini succulents potted in adorable stork-themed planters symbolising the growth and nurturing of new life

Glass jars with colourful candies or marshmallows with stork tags or labels 

3. Sunny Citrus Bliss

Let’s bring some sunshine to your baby shower with the lively and refreshing “Lemon Baby Shower” theme. Infuse the venue with the cheerful zest of lemons by incorporating bright yellow hues and fresh green accents throughout the decor. You could even elevate the experience by combining this theme with a Mediterranean twist, incorporating olive branches, blue accents, and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine for a truly unique celebration.

Top Table Decorations

For the top table arrangements, consider decorating it with white linens adorned with lemon-printed table runners or plaid pastel coloured tablecloths. Place vintage wooden boxes full of lemon and candlelight in antique-style lanterns or votive holders. Prepare little jars of lemonade with striped lemon hued straws and a cut lemon on the edge of the jars. For an extra dose of sweetness, serve up lemon-infused treats such as, lemon bars, and lemon-themed desserts, a lemon cake decorated with lemon slices, lime yellow Macaroons, cupcakes with lime yellow cream, and paper lemon toppers.


Oh baby cursive poster with a lemon as ‘O’

Yellow paper lanterns 

Lemon-shaped garland or green and yellow bunting 

Lush garland of fresh lemon branches intertwined 

Balloon lemon arc


Glass vases filled with fresh lemons holding baby breaths or daisies

Lemon-scented candles surrounded by lush green foliage


Lemon cookies

Lemon lollipops

Lemon-scented candles

Lemon-shaped soaps/bath bombs

4. Little Pumpkin on the Way

Celebrate the impending arrival of a little one with the warmth and charm of a fall-themed baby shower. Embrace the cosy atmosphere of the season by adorning the venue with rustic decor elements such as burlap, plaid, pumpkins, and autumn foliage. Set the tone with a colour palette inspired by the rich hues of autumn, incorporating deep oranges, golden yellows, and earthy browns. Whether indoors or outdoors, fall-themed baby shower decorations offer a delightful opportunity to celebrate the joy of new beginnings amidst the beauty of nature’s transition. You can change this theme to ‘Little Pumpkin’ for twins’ baby shower decorations.

Top Table Decorations

Delight your guests with seasonal treats such as apple cider, pumpkin spice goodies, and caramel apples to tantalise their taste buds. Set a whimsical ambiance with twinkling lights or candles nestled among colourful pumpkins, scattered leaves, and pinecones. Adorn your table with sunflowers or other autumn flowers for an added touch of charm. Indulge in sweet delights like leaf-shaped cookies, S’mores, mini sausages, and pretzels for an extra dose of sweetness. For a unique twist, use a faux pumpkin as your baby shower guest book and invite guests to write heartfelt messages for the expecting parents and their little one-to-be.


Fall flowers baby crib mobile

Paper pumpkin garland

Eucalyptus leaves garland

Burlap garland


Pumpkins, pine cones, candles and autumn leaves

Charming lanterns


Little honey jars and honey spoon

Mini jars of homemade pumpkin spice jam

Honeybee candles

Mini bottles of maple syrup with personalised labels

Little pumpkin figurines for decoration

Craft bags filled with granola

5. Garden Tea Party

Embrace the beauty of spring and celebrate the upcoming arrival of a precious little one with a “Garden Tea Party” baby shower theme. Overflowing with floral delights and vibrant colours, this enchanting theme brings the joy of nature to the heart of the celebration. Adorn the venue with lush floral arrangements, delicate teacups, and vintage-inspired pots to create a romantic and inviting atmosphere. This baby shower decorations theme evokes images of a charming outdoor gathering surrounded by blooming flowers and delicate tea settings. The theme can suit either a gender-neutral or a girlish party. Encourage guests to dress in their finest garden party attire, complete with floral dresses and wide-brimmed hats, to fully embrace the theme.  They can indulge in activities like flower crown making or planting seeds for the baby’s future garden, adding to the whimsical charm of the occasion.

To have a more whimsical party, you can add elements from the ‘Alice in Wonderland party theme’, such as oversized teacups, playing card decorations, clock faces, and whimsical props, to transform your Garden Tea Party into a truly magical experience. You can change this theme to ‘Tea for Two’ for twins’ baby shower decorations.

Top Table Decorations

Decorate your top table with teapot centrepieces, colourful flowers, and mismatched cups and saucers. Treat guests to an array of delicious teas, finger sandwiches, sliced fresh fruit tray and sweet pastries served on elegant tiered trays. Use floral baby name initials, wildflower cupcakes or cookies, flower pot cookies, donuts, cookie birdhouse, pink lemonade or other drinks with floral ice cubes.


Natural or artificial flower garland

Wild flower garland

Floral balloon arch

Tissue paper pom poms

Paper flower backdrop

Hanging flower balls

Baby in bloom poster

Neon sign


Mason jars or vases holding wildflowers 

Vintage teapot centrepiece

Floral napkin rings

Vintage napkins

Baby stroller full of flowers

Rain boot flower arrangement


Herbal tea

Flower seeds

Scented floral candles in teacups

Plants in a pot

Flower and ribbon bracelets 


Celebrating expectant parents with a memorable baby shower is a wonderful way to shower them with love and support. With these unique baby shower decoration ideas, the parents-to-be will both enjoy themselves and come away from their shower feeling loved, supported, and more prepared for their parenthood journey ahead. Whether you’re a first-time planner or a seasoned host, starting with baby shower decorations can set the tone for a special celebration tailored to the parents-to-be. With careful planning and a touch of creativity, you can create a baby shower that’s as unique and special as the little one on the way.

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