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Planning a wedding can be pretty daunting. It is extra difficult at a destination wedding, where guests have to leave their hometown to attend your celebration. One important aspect that often requires careful consideration is accommodating your guests. You need to make sure your loved ones have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. That’s why it is crucial to find the best accommodation for wedding guests. 

Wedding Venues with Accommodation

There are many wedding venues that provide accommodation not only for the bride and groom but also for the guests. They offer a host of benefits that can enhance your special day. 


One of the most significant advantages of choosing a wedding venue with accommodations is convenience. Having both the ceremony and reception on-site eliminates the need for transportation between locations. Also, guests won’t have to worry about finding a place to stay or navigating unfamiliar surroundings. 

Extending the Celebration

With accommodations on-site, you can extend the wedding into the night. This allows you to spend more quality time with your guests, especially those travelling from afar. It is an excellent opportunity to do post-wedding activities like casual dances and group wedding games.

Discount Options

Choosing a wedding venue with accommodation can sometimes save a lot of money. Many venues offer packages that include accommodations, catering, and other services at a discounted rate, which can be more budget-friendly than booking each service separately.

Accommodation near Wedding Venues

While some couples opt for wedding venues with onsite accommodation, there are also benefits to offering lodging options near the wedding venue. This way, you give your guests the flexibility to pick accommodations that align with their personal preferences.

Local Experience

Guests who stay near the wedding venue have the opportunity to explore the local area. Those accommodations can be managed by local people. They will give the guests valuable insights about the area and its surroundings.

Easy Transport

Guests staying near the wedding venue often have shorter commute times. This reduces the stress of getting to and from the event.

Wedding Accommodation at Minstrel Court

The Manor at Minstrel Court

At Minstrel Court Wedding Venue, accommodations are designed to provide a range of options to suit the diverse needs and preferences of your wedding guests. The Manor, a spacious 5-bedroom house, can comfortably sleep up to 16 guests, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an exclusive experience. The bride and groom’s suite within The Manor adds an extra touch of romance, ensuring that the newlyweds have a luxurious and memorable stay.

In addition, for a blend of comfort and affordability, Willow Cottage, Reed Cottage, and Maple Cottage offer varied choices. These options cater to guests seeking a comfortable and budget-friendly stay while still enjoying the charm and convenience of being on the wedding venue’s grounds.

If you are holding your wedding someplace else near Cambridge and want a place for your guests, Minstrel Court is again the right place for you. For example, if you want accommodation near South Farm Wedding Venue, Minstrel Court is pretty close, being only 6 minutes away by car. It is also close to other venues in Royston, Arrington, and Waddon.

Accommodating your wedding guests is a significant part of creating a memorable and enjoyable wedding experience for all involved. By planning ahead, you can ensure maximum comfort and the most enjoyable experience for them.

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