9 Rustic Barn Wedding Venue Considerations

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Are you dreaming of an incredibly romantic rustic wedding? Have you searched for barn venues and been surprised by the amazing variety of options available? With so many barns out there ranging from cosy and quaint to luxurious and grand, the task of selecting the right one can be daunting. While farm-style weddings have many advantages, there is more to their rustic charm than meets the eye. To make sure you get the perfect rustic barn wedding venue, there are some key factors to keep in mind to choose the perfect site for your special day.

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From Dry Hire to All-Inclusive

Dry hire for a wedding is when you hire a venue that has no staff, entertainment, catering, or decorations included. You are just renting an empty space for you to fill with your own design and details. There are no packages or all-inclusive options with this type of venue, and you get to make it your own. A dry-hire venue is a great option for those who want to create their own unique rustic barn wedding celebration.

Should I Choose a Dry-Hire Rustic Barn Wedding Venue?

When deciding on a venue for your rustic barn wedding, you must consider whether to opt for wet or dry hire. Ask yourself which option is best suited to the theme and style of your event. Which is the most cost-efficient and which will fit within your budget? If you want to be fully in charge of the look and feel of your special day, dry hire may be the best choice for you, as it will allow you to create a one-of-a-kind wedding without any specific guidelines to follow.

While a dry-hire venue might be the most cost-effective option, you need to factor in the cost of hiring items such as tents, furniture, lighting, generators, a kitchen, a bar, decor items, commercial cleaning and even toilet facilities. You also need to consider the level of work involved in planning and setting up the venue. Some venues have wedding coordinators to help with the organisation, while others will leave you to manage it all yourself.

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Examining Potential Rustic Barn Wedding Venues: What to Take into Account

1. Assess the Location

If your barn location is in a rural area, you need to consider arranging a coach or shuttle to ensure your guests can get there safely. Make sure  the area is car-friendly with proper parking if your guests are driving themselves.

Navigating the countryside at night can be intimidating and hazardous for people who are new to the area. Make sure there is sufficient lighting for paths and walkways, as well as clearly marked entrances and parking lots. Additionally, ensure your location is accessible to those with disabilities and the elderly.

Enquire about accommodation at your barn venue if your guests are coming from a distance. If the venue does not offer onsite accommodation, look for nearby options for your guests to stay.

2. Plenty of Room for Your Guests

No matter how attractive your preferred barns may be, it’s essential to find a large wedding venue to host all your loved ones during your special day. Ensure that your dream barn location has sufficient area for your wedding ceremony. A bigger area makes it possible to plan more activities, such as food trucks, bars, catering, and outdoor activities. 

If your barn wedding venue can accommodate both your ceremony and reception, then you will have the convenience of being able to celebrate your special day in one spot, eliminating the need to transport yourselves and your guests to different locations.

In addition to this, it may take about an hour or even more for the room to be transformed for your wedding reception, depending on the size of your wedding and the decorations you have chosen. During this time, it is not possible to have your guests remain in the room. Therefore, you will need another space where your guests can have their drinks while the dining area is being organised. If the venue does not have a suitable area, you may have to set up a tent next to the barn to keep your guests sheltered while the room is being transformed.

3. Proper Heating and Cooling System

No matter when you decide to tie the knot, make certain that your barn wedding venue is properly equipped to handle all weather conditions. Ensure that it is properly heated, insulated or ventilated for the season and that there is a separate inside area for your ceremony should the weather take an unexpected turn or another incident occur.

If your barn wedding venue isn’t climate controlled, you’ll need to rent enough fans or heaters, as well as other equipment, to provide a comfortable environment both inside and outdoors for your guests. You may even want to consider renting a tent or large shade structure to provide extra protection from the elements. It’s important to plan ahead and think of all the details that could make your guests feel welcome and comfortable during your special day.

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4. Toilet Facilities

Verify the number and type of restrooms available at your barn venue. Does the venue have enough facilities to accommodate your guests? Are the bathrooms suitable for people with disabilities or the elderly? Do you need to bring in additional toilets for your event? You should also consider the distance from the event area to the toilets, as guests may be inconvenienced if the restrooms are too far away.

5. Getting Ready Space

Be sure to check beforehand if the rustic barn wedding venue you are considering has enough space for the couple, both wedding parties and the guests to get ready for the wedding. If a getting-ready space is not available on-site, enquire about options nearby such as hotels, rental apartments, etc. for wedding day preparations. If no other solution is available, you may have to rent an extra tent.

6. Sound and PA Systems

From the start of the ceremony to the end of the reception, it’s essential to have a sound and PA system of great sound quality. Make sure to ask your barn venue what equipment they provide and what you need to hire. Additionally, verify if there is enough room for your DJ or band, as well as a dancefloor.

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7. Noise Restrictions

It is essential to consider any sound limitations that may be imposed by the local area before your wedding day. Make sure to enquire with the venue about their sound level policies and if there are any guidelines for having people outdoors after a certain hour. Doing this ahead of time will ensure that your special day is not spoiled or disturbed. Furthermore, check to see if there are any working farms nearby and enquire about the tractors, machinery, or animal noises. This can greatly impact your event.

8. Logistical Challenges

When planning a rustic barn wedding, you’ll need to consider more than just the decorations. You may need to hire items such as portable bathrooms, kitchen facilities for your catering team, and heating or air conditioning. You’ll also need to arrange for tables, chairs, linen, cutlery, glassware, etc. All of this requires extensive planning and coordination with different teams, as dry-hire barns often don’t come with the basic facilities that other venues usually have in place. 

9. Examine the Additional Expenses

No matter what venue you choose for your wedding, you should always consider any additional expenses. With a dry-hire barn venue, this could include many items that may not have been part of your original plan. If the barn you’re considering already hosts weddings, the managers may be able to help you with the arrangements and provide what you need. Otherwise, you may need to hire a wedding planner who specialises in barn weddings. As a result, a barn wedding venue that may appear affordable at first can end up more expensive than an all-inclusive one when you factor in all these extra costs.

Make sure to ask for a full list of what’s included in the price, and be aware that you may need to source some of the basic facilities on your own. Be mindful of any extra costs that could affect your wedding budget.

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A rustic barn wedding can be a truly memorable experience. The rural and natural scenery will provide a beautiful backdrop for your special day and your guests can fully enjoy the festivities. However, barns and farms may not include the same amenities and facilities as other traditional venues, and they may also have other requirements to consider. To make sure you select the ideal farm or barn venue for your wedding, there are some things you should consider. With the right information in hand, you can plan your big day with peace of mind.

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