What Is the Best Month for a Wedding in Cambridgeshire?

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Have you decided on having your wedding in the gorgeous county of Cambridgeshire? Congratulations! You’ve made an excellent choice. This area boasts stunning scenery and a plethora of unique indoor and outdoor wedding venues. Now that your location is set, you must decide when to actually tie the knot. Finding the ideal time to tie the knot can be a tough decision to make. You must take into account your financial situation, theme, availability and climate. To help you out, we have put together a helpful guide to determine “what is the best month for weddings in Cambridgeshire.”

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It is essential to be aware of the wedding season in the area you are planning to get married in. It will have a major effect on your planning. This will help you figure out which times the wedding venues are most sought after and you should book early to secure your dream wedding site. Additionally, you must be aware of the season and time of year which will have the best conditions for your photos and the comfort of your guests. In addition, the wedding season can greatly influence the cost of your nuptials. It tends to be more expensive if you book a venue during a peak season.

When Is the UK Wedding Season?

The period when the majority of nuptials occur is commonly known as the wedding season. This period varies in different areas of the world due to changing seasons. Generally, the wedding season is a time when people have weddings due to better weather and having more leisure time. The wedding season also offers newlyweds more time to plan honeymoons and to go on other trips. 

In the UK, the most popular time to get married is usually between May and October. The peak season is usually July and August due to the pleasant weather, school holidays and plenty of sunshine. This is the ideal time for couples who want an outdoor celebration, as the temperature is warm and rainfall is less likely. Although British weather can be unpredictable, the warmer months of the year are the safest bet for an outdoor ceremony.

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When Is the Cambridgeshire Wedding Season?

Cambridge has a maritime temperate climate with typically warm rather than hot summers and cool rather than cold winters. The weather is rarely extreme but unpredictable as with the rest of the UK. Sometimes it is possible to see the elements of all four seasons in one day. Cambridge is located in one of the driest regions in the UK, with rainfall evenly spread throughout the year. In general, January is statistically the coldest month and July the hottest. The city may experience snowfall in the winter.

In Cambridgeshire, the best month for weddings usually begins in late spring and continues through the summer months, with some weddings occurring in the fall. The wedding season in Cambridgeshire typically runs from April to September, with the peak months being June and July. The weather during this time is usually mild and pleasant, making it ideal for a wedding. This makes it a great time to plan a wedding in the countryside, with lush green fields and stunning views of the rolling hills. These months offer warmer weather, which lends itself to outdoor weddings and receptions.

Spring Weddings in Cambridgeshire

Getting married in Cambridge during springtime offers mild weather, making it a great time to say “I do”. The region is beautiful during this season, with blooming flowers, blossoming trees, and sunny days all around. Average temperatures range from 10°C to 17°C from April to May, making it an ideal time to capture beautiful memories that will forever be remembered.

Summer Weddings in Cambridgeshire

During the summer, days tend to be mild to warm with the potential for some hotter days. The days are the longest during this season, with daylight lasting until late into the evening. June, July, and August are the warmest months of the year with average daytime temperatures ranging from 20°C to 23°C. 

Summer weddings offer the opportunity to take advantage of the bright greens and cheerful colours of the season. August is the most popular month to get married in Cambridgeshire as it is in the middle of the school holidays. Besides, it usually brings plenty of sunshine, making for beautiful outdoor photos and a longer-feeling day. July is the second most popular month for a wedding. It has a pleasant climate and less chance of rain than what is common in August.

Autumn Weddings in Cambridgeshire

From September to October, Cambridgeshire offers mild temperatures and longer hours of daylight. So, this time makes an ideal setting for a fall wedding. The average daytime temperature ranges from 10°C to 19°C, and the landscape is alive with vibrant colours in September and October. The cooler weather also means there are fewer bugs, which is a relief for couples who are planning an outdoor reception or ceremony.

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Getting Married during the High Season

Due to the increased demand during these wedding fever months, those saying their nuptials during this time can expect to pay much more compared to other months of the year. This means that everything from the venues to the wedding entertainment is more likely to be booked up during these months and of course more expensive. So if you are hoping for a spring or summer wedding, get your date confirmed and booked as soon as possible. 

Getting Married during the Low Season

If you’re looking to spend less on your big day, then you should consider not getting hitched during the best months for weddings.  Many venues and wedding suppliers will offer discounted rates during the off-peak period, ideal for those looking to get a wedding bargain. Another benefit of booking during these months (January, February, March, November and December) is that it’ll likely make your honeymoon much less expensive too since it’s out of peak travel season.

Always Have a Backup Plan

No matter when you decide to tie the knot, make sure you have an alternate plan in case of rain or any other unexpected weather. Consider booking a venue that offers an indoor space in case of an emergency. If you’re planning a backyard wedding, double-check that there is enough room indoors to accommodate your guests. You can always use a tent to make sure you have enough space for both indoor and outdoor celebrations.

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Say No to Limitations

Outdoor weddings are highly sought after for their beauty and romantic atmosphere. This is why most couples opt for either early summer or early fall to avoid inclement weather. However, during this period, wedding venues and services become expensive and scarce due to high demand. This can make the task of planning an outdoor wedding overly daunting.

As a result, some couples prefer to get married in slightly cooler months like September and October. Some even opt for a winter wedding to save a great deal of money and avoid many planning challenges. A group of to-be-weds even choose to get married in winter in the hopes of getting a unique snow-filled scene for their wedding photos. 

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How to Have an Outdoor Wedding in Cold Months of the Year

If you’re looking to get married during the off-season, don’t worry! There are plenty of options available to make your dream outdoor wedding a reality, even during the colder months. We have a great plan for you – check out our all-year-round outdoor wedding venue in Cambridgeshire. We offer a variety of romantic spaces for your ceremony and reception.

What do you think of getting married in a stunning pavilion overlooking a lake and Wimpole Meadows at any time of the year? This unique venue offers a glass-enclosed heated pavilion overlooking a breathtaking view of acres of lush green land. So, you and your guests can enjoy the scenery and be sheltered from the elements. This makes it possible for couples to have an outdoor wedding no matter what is the best month for weddings in Cambridgeshire. Book a viewing and find out more about the stunning Minstrel Court!

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