9 Best Wedding Car Decorations to Celebrate Your Love in Style

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When planning everything for the wedding, the choice of your wedding transport and the decorations you select for it are a major priority. Car decorations are the easiest way to announce your wedding to everyone, and feel like a celebrity for once in your lifetime. You should choose a kind of decoration that guarantees a comfortable and elegant ride to and from the hotel where you are staying. Here are some of the best wedding car decorations to capture the moment.

1. Red Roses

Red roses are a classic and timeless choice for wedding car decorations. The rich red colour adds a touch of romance and sophistication to the wedding car, creating a beautiful and eye-catching display.

Roses signify love and romance and are especially adored by girls. A ride in a car ornamented with red roses will surely put a memorable smile on your bride’s face.

One disadvantage that roses and other flowers can have is the difficulty of installation. That is why there are people professionally trained to do the installations for you.

2. Ribbons and Flags

Minstrel Court - Wedding car decoration
*photo by Csaba Talaber on Unsplash

Decorative ribbons are a versatile choice for wedding car decorations. They come in various colours, allowing couples to match the ribbons to their wedding theme. Ribbons will pair beautifully with fresh flowers, balloons, and other decorations. 

Decorative flags and banners are used to announce the couple’s wedding celebration and are typically attached to the car’s windows or roof. They add a touch of festivity and excitement to the wedding car decor. Stick flags are a nice and inexpensive way to announce the good news for everyone to notice.

3. Just Married Signs

“Just Married” signs are a popular way to announce the couple’s newlywed status to the world. These signs are typically placed on the back of the car, often hanging from the rear window or attached to the bumper.

Decor slates with “just married” written on them are somehow popular these days. They are pretty simple and, at the same time, eye-catching. If you opt for a rustic wedding, wooden signs are a great option. Fabrics are also used by couples to accomplish the same goal. They definitely go with all sorts of wedding themes.

4. Flower Bows and Garlands

Bows made from fresh or artificial flowers are often placed at strategic points on the vehicle, such as the front grille or door handles. When the car starts to drive away, the bows will be fluttering in the wind, creating a mesmerising and appealing look.

Garlands made from flowers or greenery can be draped along the sides of the car or used to decorate the bonnet. They are especially great for season-themed weddings. 

5. Personalised Stickers

Personalised stickers allow couples to add their names, wedding date, or custom messages to the car’s windows or body. They offer a unique and customisable way for the couple to showcase their love and make their wedding car stand out from the rest.

Floral stickers are also a simple and elegant addition, and with the custom names and messages, they make for a beautiful sight.

6. Tissue Paper Flowers

Minstrel Court - Tissue Paper Flower wedding car decorations
*photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Tissue paper flowers are lightweight and easy to attach to the car’s exterior. They make an excellent DIY option for couples looking to add a personal touch to their wedding car.

Fake flowers are sometimes a better option than fresh ones. They don’t dry out quickly and are easily assembled and carried, so you can use them for several occasions.

7. Licence Plates

Customised licence plates with the couple’s names, initials, or wedding-related messages add a fun and individualised touch to the overall wedding car decoration. These plates can then be attached to the front or rear of the car, or just behind the rear window.

Plates are a good alternative to stickers and banners, as they won’t do any possible damage to the paint of the car.

8. Balloons

Balloons are often tied to the car’s exterior, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere. You may use them along with other decorations like ribbons or flowers to enhance the celebratory feel and create an eye-catching display.

Balloons are easier to decorate with; however, it is better to stick to limited colours like red and white. You can place them everywhere in the car, even inside, taking care not to pop them. There are also balloons that represent letters of words like “LOVE” or “JUST MARRIED”. They make a perfect replacement for just married signs.

9. Tin Cans

Minstrel Court - Tin cans as wedding car decorations
*photo by Stephen Andrews on Unsplash

Noise makers are a great option to capture everyone’s attention. Many couples use empty bottles and tin cans for this purpose. According to some popular beliefs, the sound of tin cans will fend off evil spirits. These tin cans can be painted, decorated, or have different words written on them.

Tin cans tied to the back of the wedding car are a long-standing tradition that adds a playful and charming element to the decorations. The clinking of the cans as the car moves creates a distinctive sound that announces the couple’s departure. 
Some decorations are easy, and you can do them yourself using some DIY tips. For other decorations, suppliers and professionals are available who can guarantee the best result. There are a lot of very good suppliers of this kind near Cambridge who can do just that. However, what is more important than everything is that you are happy and content, even with something really simple.

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