Bouquets in Bloom: A Guide to Autumn Wedding Flowers

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Autumn, with its crisp air and a palette of warm hues, sets the stage for romantic celebrations. It is the season of magical lights and majestic colours. Those who choose the autumnal season for their wedding will have made the right call. There are lots of decorative ideas with an autumnal theme in mind, and there are many ways you can incorporate seasonal flowers into your wedding celebration. Read on to discover more about autumn wedding flowers and bouquet ideas.

Autumnal Colour Palette

wedding flowers and colours - Minstrel Court
*Photo by Vladyslava Pertsatii on Unsplash

The Autumnal Colour Palette sets the tone for a wedding infused with the rich, warm hues that characterise this enchanting season. The colour of your flowers will be a match for the season and the theme of your wedding. Here are some of the best-known colours for autumn weddings. 

Dark Red

Embrace the drama and sophistication of autumn with a dark red colour palette complemented by lush greens. Picture deep red roses surrounded by seasonal greenery. It creates a stunning contrast that speaks to the richness of the season. 


The sunflower yellow radiates warmth and joy. Paired with shades of blue, this combination invokes the clear autumn skies and is perfect for a rustic wedding theme.

Burnt Orange

The warm and inviting hue of orange evokes the changing leaves, creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere. It can be paired with neutral tones to create an everlasting effect. Orange also goes well with pink and even blue, creating a luxurious and modern look.


Indulge in the romance of the season with a burgundy colour palette, seamlessly blending with shades of orange and blush. Burgundy roses can pair well with delicate blush accents and pops of orange, infusing your wedding with a timeless and romantic allure.


Different shades of green pair very well with other colours. Sage green, for instance, is very popular both with the flowers and the bridesmaid dresses. Dark purple and taupe also combine beautifully with green. Pale green and dusky pink have also been used abundantly.


Another option is to combine gold and dusky pink. This luxurious combination adds a regal and glamorous flair to your celebration. Plus, gold and purple together invoke a magical aura. This palette is perfect for couples looking to infuse their special day with a sense of extravagance and sophistication, and it is excellent for Halloween themes.

Seasonal Flowers for the Autumn Wedding

autumn wedding flowers - Minstrel Court
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Autumn promises an abundance of blooms that grace the season. It is a great idea to discover the perfect flowers to adorn your special day. Here are some of the flowers that are used in most autumn bouquets and other wedding decorations:

  • Lilies, with their graceful and elegant blooms, add a timeless charm. Lilies come in various varieties that seamlessly blend with the season’s colour palette.
  • Pincushions bring a playful and textural element. Available in various shades, pincushions offer versatility in complementing the autumn colour palette.
  • Colesia is another popular flower in the fall. Its velvety plumes contribute a unique and feathery touch.
  • Cymbidium orchids have an exotic appearance. Their shades of pink are a great complement to the rustic charm of the other flowers.
  • Honeysuckles have a sweet fragrance that will linger in the air and exude a sensory delight to their surroundings, making them a perfect flower for autumn wedding decorations.

Autumn is not limited to flowers, and there are plenty of seasonal fruits that can be used for decoration. Pumpkins are beautiful decorative fruits that match perfectly with other autumnal flowers. You may also use blackberries and plums in various sections of the wedding venue. 

Autumn Wedding Bouquet Ideas

autumn wedding flowers - Minstrel Court
*Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

Your bouquet is a symbol of your love and a focal point of your bridal ensemble. It is essential to be extra careful and meticulous in your choice of flowers for your autumn wedding bouquet. In the end, your choice of flowers will be yours, but a talented florist can come up with the perfect arrangement for you. Here are some elegant bouquet ideas:

Orchid Bouquet

Autumn is the prime season for orchids. Check out this autumn orchid bouquet, which radiates beauty. It is an artful blend of elegant blooms with a selection of unique flowers as well as popular ones like roses, lilies, and gerbera.

Matcha Medium

This matcha medium bouquet retains its freshness for a year. Although comprised of naturally dried foliage and flowers, this bouquet exudes an elegant and fresh ambiance. The combination of dark and bright greens in the bouquet is a wonderful complement to more lively colours of your wedding palette.

Rose and Sunflower Bouquet

The Rose and Sunflower Bouquet is a stunning floral ensemble that effortlessly blends the timeless beauty of roses with the radiant warmth of sunflowers. In this bouquet, the classic crimson roses elegantly intertwine with saffron-yellow sunflowers. Germini and Santini complement the burnt orange hues, adding a touch of autumnal splendour.

Rustic Wildflower Bouquet

Another captivating arrangement is the wildflower bouquet. This bouquet features an array of carefully selected elements, each contributing to its wild and organic aesthetic. Delicate feathers add a touch of whimsy, matching the rich, cascading strands of amaranthus. Rustic wheat stems add texture and a nod to the harvest season, while larkspur and nigella add pops of colour and delicate blooms.

Nairobi Rose and Calla Lily Bouquet

This Tikal bouquet is a mesmerising floral composition that marries the vibrancy of mango Nairobi roses with the sunset-hued elegance of calla lilies. The addition of Dutch lisianthus introduces a contrasting layer of delicate petals, and the darker tones of Scottish eryngium give it extra depth. This fusion of colours and textures adds to the floral richness of your autumn wedding.

Branch-Filled Bouquet

Another creative idea is the inclusion of small tree branches and making them take centre stage. The slender, gnarled branches add a unique and textural element to the arrangement, creating visual depth. They can be adorned with delicate leaves or berries, echoing the changing foliage of fall.

Autumn Wedding Floral Arrangements

autumn wedding centrepiece - Minstrel Court
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Elevate your wedding decor with exquisite autumn flower arrangements. Whether adorning the ceremony arch, lining the aisles, or gracing the reception tables, use creative ideas for incorporating autumn blooms into every aspect of your celebration.

For the arch, try to move away from the usual wildflowers and roses. Design an arch using dried flowers and potted greenery. Such an arch promises longer longevity and can be used again for years.

When it comes to the aisle decorations, you may try ferns and textural branches. They give a beautiful rustic look to the ceremony. You can also throw rugs for an enhanced aesthetic.

For the centrepiece, use all the different kinds of autumnal flowers you can find. Eryngiums, Dahlias, and Chrysanthemums are only a few of the flowers you may use alone or in combination. 

With a good knowledge of autumn flowers and possible bouquet ideas, you can hope for a flowery autumn wedding. In the end, you may give out the flowers to others as favours or find clever ways to preserve them for yourself.

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