9 Children’s Party Entertainers to Create Magical Events 

Children’s Party Entertainers to Create Magical Events-Minstrel Court

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Imagine turning any event into a magical experience, where joy and excitement know no age limit. Whether it’s a wedding, a special anniversary, or even a corporate event, there’s a secret ingredient for creating magical moments: Hiring professional children’s party entertainers. In our previous blog post, we explained how party entertainment for kids can delight everyone, whether big or small. In this post, we’ll introduce the kids party entertainers that can make any occasion enchanting, no matter what the event is. 

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1. Magical Moments with Magicians

Magicians, with their mesmerising tricks and illusions, can captivate young hearts and minds. Their ability to create a sense of wonder ensures that children are not just entertained but utterly enchanted. From pulling rabbits out of hats to mind-boggling card tricks, these children’s entertainers add an extra layer of magic to your event, leaving the little ones wide-eyed and thrilled.

Sublime Science

Sublime Science crafts uniquely unforgettable parties with ‘magic’ tricks, spectacular science experiments, and many more enchanting activities. Kids can experience ‘something different’ they always crave for: a fun-filled, action-packed, and absolutely unforgettable Sublime Science Party. Mad Marc and his team are on a mission to end boring birthdays.

2. Balloon Artists: Crafting Joy One Balloon at a Time

Balloon artists are masters at turning ordinary balloons into extraordinary creations. From whimsical animals to elaborate sculptures, these artists sculpt joy and happiness out of colourful balloons. Children adore watching these creations come to life, making balloon artists a delightful addition to your event. Their creations serve as both party entertainment for kids and charming keepsakes for the little guests to take home.

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Bubbly Circus

Bubbly Circus provides balloon modelling and magic for both kids and adults. They’re not only great for children’s parties, but you can also hire them for weddings, fairs, festivals, fetes, and various events. Mr. Bubbles can combine magic tricks or a children’s magic show with the balloon entertainment, making it ideal for larger gatherings. They make lots of different designs with their balloons with lots of vibrant colours and the kids always come back for more.

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3. Face Painters: Transforming Faces into Masterpieces

Face painters transform children’s faces into works of art, allowing them to become their favourite characters, animals, or superheroes. These artists not just provide party entertainment for kids, but also ignite creativity and imagination, adding vibrant colours and a hint of sparkle to your occasion.

Lizzy B

Lizzy B offers face painting and glitter tattoos for children’s parties, corporate functions, fundraising events, and fetes near the charming city of Cambridge. They provide a wide array of designs, ranging from floral princesses to superheroes and various animals. Additionally, they can provide balloon modelling as an extra service. 

Moondust Face & Body Art

Moondust Face & Body Art specialises in expert face painting for both children and adults, Airbrush Tattoo Artistry, Glitter-Bar, Pregnancy Bump Painting, Henna artistry, and Body painting projects. They are willing to travel to Cambridge, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, and London. They offer a comprehensive package of party entertainment for kids for all occasions regardless of your event’s type or size. 

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4. Interactive Storytellers: Weaving Tales of Wonder

Interactive storytellers are skilled in engaging children with captivating narratives. Through imaginative storytelling, these professional kids party entertainers transport young minds to magical worlds filled with adventure and wonder. Children become active participants in the stories, making storytelling sessions not just entertaining but also educational, fostering a love for stories and creativity.

The Queen of Stories

The Queen of Stories, residing in ‘The Palace of Imaginings,’ brings fairytales, interactive drama, dance, music, puppetry, and juggling to captivate young audiences. Her charming costume and engaging storytelling make your event memorable by taking the children to the enchanting world of fairy tales. The experience is valuable, leaving children with lasting memories and stories they’ll retell for years to come.

5. Enchanting Children’s Singers: Melodies That Spark Smiles

Children’s singers possess the magical ability to create an atmosphere filled with melodies that touch young hearts. Their captivating performances, often accompanied by interactive songs and delightful choreography, are tailored specifically for young audiences. Children’s singers bring to life beloved tunes and original compositions, sparkling smiles and encouraging even the shyest children to join in the fun. Through sing-alongs, dancing, and singing contests, these children’s party entertainers ensure every child is not only entertained but enchanted.

With their infectious energy and engaging musicality, these performers turn any event into a vibrant, harmonious experience. 

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6.  Playful Party Clowns: Spreading Laughter and Joy

For an unforgettable kids’ experience at your event, consider hiring Party Clowns. With their vibrant costumes and cheerful performances, party clowns bring an abundance of laughter and joy to any event. Their lighthearted approach, combined with entertaining tricks and interactive games, creates a festive atmosphere that resonates with both children and adults. Party clowns specialise in engaging young audiences with their whimsical humour and entertaining performances, making them a popular choice for birthday parties, carnivals, and community celebrations. 


Chaplins are a UK touring children’s pantomime company. They’re all about turning your party into a mini theatre extravaganza that’s fun for everyone from 3 to 103 years old. Imagine the magic of live theatre right at your event – yes, for the little ones and for you too! Their shows are a mix of hilarious comedy, thrilling adventure, sing-along moments, and loads of chances for you and your little guests to join in the fun. They fill the air with fun, laughter, and excitement, creating memories that’ll stick around for a lifetime.

Smartie Artie

Smartie Artie, with decades of entertaining experience, offers a variety show to keep children laughing and engaged throughout your entire event. Dressed in vibrant outfits, Smartie Arties greet and settle the children before diving into hours of full-on fun, featuring funny magic tricks, balloon animals, games, ventriloquism, and comedy. They tailor programs to the children’s age, offering magic workshop parties for older kids, as well as disco parties and face painters. From start to finish, Smartie Artie ensures a lively and entertaining party experience.

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7. Creative Crafters: Crafting Memories One DIY Project at a Time

Creative crafters engage children with hands-on activities, allowing them to create personalised souvenirs. From customising photo frames to decorating tote bags, these activities not only entertain but also provide children with tangible mementos of your special day. These children’s party entertainers encourage creativity, making the little ones active participants in the celebration.

The Creation Station

The skilled and exceptionally friendly teams from The Creation Station deliver creative and enjoyable events throughout the UK. Whether it’s a family-oriented gathering or a corporate event for your staff, their entertaining and artistic professionals will come to your chosen venue, offering award-winning, educational, and fun sessions. They specialise in providing a diverse range of hassle-free, engaging, and cost-effective activities to captivate and inspire your guests. Whether you seek creative fun for kids, families, or adults, you can count on a professional, thrilling, and customised creative event designed to align with your goals and aspirations for the occasion.

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8. Whimsical Puppet Shows: Storytelling in a Magical Realm

Hiring puppeteers can add a touch of magic to your day. Children are captivated by illusions and storytelling, making these performers a hit among the younger audience. Their interactive performances can keep the kids entertained while captivating their imagination. Puppet shows transport children to a realm of imagination, where enchanting characters come to life through the skillful hands of puppeteers. This party entertainment for kids often conveys meaningful messages through delightful narratives, teaching valuable life lessons in a playful and engaging manner. From hand puppets to marionettes, these shows capture the essence of classic storytelling, making them a delightful addition to your events. 

Banana Brain Fun Shows 

Banana Brain Fun Shows stand out as premier children’s party entertainers in the country. Chris and July, a professional duo, are based near Wellingborough in Northamptonshire, but bring their entertaining expertise to both indoor and outdoor events across the entire UK. With over 20 years of experience, their Punch & Judy show has delighted countless children and parents at a variety of occasions. In addition to puppet shows, they offer engaging magic shows, balloon modelling, and face painting. They can also create a Kids Fun Zone with activities like Pedal-gos, Plate Spinning, and Hula Hoops, adding value to your outdoor events.

Cheeky Dog Entertainments

Cheeky Dog Entertainments, a family-owned gem in Luton, Bedfordshire, has been spreading joy for over 25 years. They’re all about quality shows for kids and families, offering a wide range of party entertainment for kids that suits every age and occasion. Whether it’s birthdays, schools, or even company functions, they’ve got the perfect touch for children’s and family entertainment.

Their packages, starting from 45 minutes to a fantastic 2-hour extravaganza, cater to everyone. With loads of lovely puppets and tricks up their sleeves, they’re here to tailor the perfect, unforgettable entertainment program for your event and make your day extra special.

9. Culinary Adventures with Children’s Cooking Sessions

Children’s cooking sessions offer a unique and educational twist to party entertainment for kids. These sessions provide young chefs with hands-on culinary experiences, introducing them to the joys of cooking. Guided by skilled instructors, children can learn to prepare simple yet delectable dishes, from personalised pizzas to scrumptious cupcakes. These activities not only entertain but also foster creativity and practical skills. Whether it’s a birthday party, a family reunion, or a school event, children’s cooking sessions transform the young participants into budding chefs, igniting their passion for food and culinary exploration.

Smart Raspberry 

Since 2011, Smart Raspberry cookery school has been showing kids the joy of cooking. Their stress-free party packages cover everything from invites to party bags, making it a guaranteed hit. 

You can choose from a menu of sweet and savoury favourites. On party day, kids get to make their own lunch or tea and something to take home. The food is tailored to the children’s age and dietary needs. Smart Raspberry brings all the ingredients, equipment, invites, chef hats, and party bags. You bring the guests; they handle the rest!

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Hiring a variety of professional children’s party entertainers ensures that every child at your wedding is engaged and enchanted. From magicians and balloon artists to face painters, interactive storytellers, and creative crafters, these specialists cater to diverse interests, creating an atmosphere filled with joy and excitement. By hiring thoughtful party entertainment for kids, you not only entertain the little guests but also create cherished memories for everyone that last a lifetime. Embrace the magic these professionals bring, and let your event be remembered as a celebration where every child feels valued, entertained, and part of the enchantment. Use the following websites to find the children’s entertainers in your area all around the UK.

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