Entertain and Engage: Crafting the Right Playlist for Your Corporate Event

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When hosting a corporate event, it is important to captivate your staff and encourage engagement. But what’s the best way to do this? Well, the answer is surprisingly simple – music! Music not only sets the atmosphere, but it can also create a positive emotional environment and increase focus. With the right background music, you can even help spark motivation and collaboration, making the event more memorable and enjoyable. Continue reading to learn the best tips on finding the right background music for your corporate event.

Benefits of the Right Music 

Music has the power to set a mood and create a captivating atmosphere, making it perfect for business events. The appropriate background music can provide the perfect ambience to encourage socialising and provide entertainment.

Music has the power to enhance the atmosphere and make those present feel more welcomed and at ease. The correct ambience will boost staff engagement, motivation, and collaboration. People tend to be more energetic and focused when they are in a positive frame of mind, and music can be a very effective tool in creating it. With the right music, the participants will feel appreciated and more motivated to contribute to the event.

Crafting the Perfect Playlist 

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Crafting the ideal playlist for your corporate event is an excellent way to break the silence while establishing an atmosphere that is conducive to engagement and fun. 

Keep the purpose of the meeting at the forefront of your mind. Ask questions such as why you have gathered and what you will be discussing. Additionally, it is useful to solicit suggestions from the staff, listen to them, and assess the suitability of their recommended songs before adding them to the playlist.

Some even suggest having live music for the event, where you can hire a band or DJ. Let them know the theme of your meeting and request that they put together a playlist based on that. They can even offer extra services such as customising some of the songs or performing something light during the recess.

Music That Fits Your Audience 

Selecting songs appropriate for your attendees and the occasion is essential when compiling a playlist. Developing an understanding of their preferences, as well as their age, can assist you in determining the kind of music that works best for the gathering. Being aware of the genres of music generally appreciated by the audience can help in selecting tunes that they will enjoy and aid in fostering an enjoyable atmosphere.

There are many playlists designed specifically for people with various interests and tastes. For example, on apps like Spotify, you can search a keyword and explore playlists related to the theme you desire.

Staying Creative with Music 

Music for Corporate Events - Minstrel Court
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Staying creative with the music selection is important in order to keep the attendees engaged and entertained. By creating a mix of music, utilising both new songs and old favourites, you can maintain a unique and exciting environment.

Typically, instrumental music is favoured for business meetings, as it is appreciated by all and does not create any extra distractions. The selection is ultimately up to you, however; you may include both classical and contemporary pieces, as well as remakes of classical works produced by modern artists. In some cases, such a soundtrack may even be more advantageous to the staff’s productivity.

Music That Matches Your Brand 

Music for Corporate Events - Minstrel Court
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Each event has a different identity and purpose, and the background music should reflect this. Make sure the songs you choose accurately reflect your brand and its values.

Your brand is your identity, so it is essential that other facets of your business reflect this. Music sets the tone, and it is imperative that it be in harmony with your corporate identity. If you select a song whose tempo is far removed from your brand, the audience will, consciously or unconsciously, lose interest. Consequently, when selecting songs for your playlist, consider your brand to be an essential factor in deciding which songs to choose.

Creating an Uplifting Atmosphere 

An uplifting atmosphere is essential for ensuring attendance, creating commonality, and generating strong corporate morale; therefore, selecting music that is stimulating and energising should be a priority. The impact upbeat music can have on people is immense, especially at large events and conferences.

There are plenty of inspiring songs to choose from. For example, you might select some classic rock songs like Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” and Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy,” or you could opt for more modern hip-hop tunes like Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” and Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” Songs like these will revitalise the participants and energise the room.

Setting and Maintaining the Playlist Volume

Music for Corporate Events - Minstrel Court
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Setting the proper volume level of the music is essential for creating a welcoming environment that is neither too loud nor too soft. To do so, you must take into account a few factors.

When considering the size of your venue, think about the layout, acoustics, and the number and placement of speakers. Is the space large or small? Is the acoustics conducive to music? How many speakers are available and where are they set up? These are all aspects to consider.

Another important factor is the formality of the event and expectations. How loud should the music be? When should it hold a low volume, and when should it be increased? For instance, if someone is delivering a speech, it is customary for the background music to maintain a low volume; conversely, the volume could be raised during a break.

Exploring Musical Genres and Subgenres

When crafting the perfect playlist for your corporate event, it is essential to explore various genres and subgenres so that you can compile an enjoyable mix of music that is both stimulating and entertaining. We have already addressed this. An additional piece of advice is to appoint someone who knows all types of music to be responsible for the playlist. They will know which songs to play and when and their extensive knowledge of music genres will enable them to come up with the best tunes for the right moments.

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