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Delivering a bride speech on your wedding day is a wonderful opportunity to express your gratitude, share personal stories, and celebrate the love you share with your partner and your guests. However, some may get worried about giving an impactful bride speech. Even if you are nervous about giving a speech or are not a good public speaker, you can certainly accomplish this task with plenty of practice and preparation. Read on for some tips and tricks as well as suitable bride speech examples you can use.

Things to Consider before You Begin Writing

Bride Speech at Minstrel Court

Before you start crafting your bride speech, it’s important to take a few moments to consider some key factors that will guide your writing process. By reflecting on these elements ahead of time, you can create a speech that is memorable, engaging, and truly reflective of your unique relationship and personality.

Start Early

One thing to keep in mind is not to leave the bride speech until the last minute. Start early and write down your speech in advance. Avoid unnecessary distress by starting on the speech one or two months before the big day. Make sure it is crossed over a week into the wedding.

Practise a Lot

When delivering a speech, you don’t need to have it memorised. Instead, focus more on practising your speech. Keep several copies of your written speech and practise from time to time. 

A few recitations will give you a lot of confidence and prepare you for the magical moment.

Work on your pose and body language. Standing up straight, holding eye contact, and smiling are key when delivering your speech.

Consider the Tone and Theme

Remember to consider the tone and theme of your speech. Do you want to deliver something humorous, or is it more sentimental? Do you want to go with a formal or informal language?

It is also essential to brainstorm some ideas. What do you want to include in your speech? Take into consideration your past hopes, wishes, and meaningful moments in your life. Reflect on the people you love and how their presence means a lot to you on this special day.

When to Make the Speech

Timing is a crucial aspect of any wedding speech. Knowing when to deliver your bride speech can enhance its impact. There is no rule when to deliver a speech, but you may hold it after the parents’ speeches or before the groom’s speech.

By choosing the right moment to speak, you can maximise the effectiveness of your message and create a lasting impression on your guests.

The Structure of a Good Bride Speech

A bride speech doesn’t have to be too long. It can last about 5 or 6 minutes, and therefore, 800 to 1000 words could be enough. A well-structured bride speech can make a significant impact, helping you to convey your emotions and gratitude in a clear and compelling manner. The right framework will help you stay focused and deliver your message with confidence.

Start with a Thank You

Bride Speech at Minstrel Court

By beginning your bride speech with a thank you, you acknowledge the efforts and presence of those who have come to celebrate your special day. Who are your favourite people? Give a big, heartfelt thank you from the start, and acknowledge their presence. Starting with a heartfelt thank you can immediately connect you with your audience and set the stage for a meaningful and memorable speech.

Here is an example:

“Hello everyone! I’m [your name], and I can’t express how grateful [partner’s name] and I are to have you all here celebrating this incredible day with us. Thank you for being a part of our story, for witnessing our journey, and for surrounding us with your warmth and love.” (Top 10 Bride Speech Examples – Bridebook )

Share a Personal Story

Bride Speech at Minstrel Court

Sharing a personal story in your bride speech can captivate your audience and add a unique, intimate touch to your words. Find a story about your partner that you would like to share with others. It could be an anecdote from the early days of dating or something that would resonate with everyone who knows you. In the end, connect your personal story to the wedding day to show how far you have come as a couple.

A mistake some brides make is that they think a personal joke is a real icebreaker. But, some jokes create very awkward moments and could backfire. While it is good to have a sense of humour and say something funny once in a while, it is important to remember that a bride speech is not a stand-up comedy act.

Here is a good anecdote from a real bride speech:

“Northern Michigan is a special place for Charli and me. From first dates spent on the lake to family gatherings every 4th of July weekend, this very location has been the backdrop to our love story. And so it only made sense for us to get married in the same place where it all began. It brings us so much happiness and gratitude to know that the first page of this new chapter as a married couple is being written at my parent’s lake house and with all of the most important people in our lives.” (How to Write Your Bride Speech With Examples & Tips)

Thank Your Family

Expressing gratitude to your family is a vital part of any bride speech. Your parents and grandparents are your special guests of honour, and they deserve a big shout-out. Your family has likely supported you throughout your life and your relationship, and acknowledging their contributions can be deeply meaningful.

Aside from the family, you should also thank other people who helped you during your wedding planning, from maids of honour to photographers and suppliers.

This bride speech example shows this perfectly:

“Thank you to my wonderful parents. Mum and Dad, thanks for all the emotional, practical, and financial support leading up to today. And thank you in general – you do so much for me. You’ve given me the confidence to think I can achieve anything I want in my life, even winning an argument with R which can take some doing! You’ve shown me so much love and support that I’ll probably never be able to repay and I want you to know that I love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.” (Bride Speech by CR –

Thank Your Partner

Your partner is the reason for the celebration, and thanking them in your speech is an opportunity to express your deep love and appreciation. Let your partner know how much he means to you, and how happy you are to be by his side. Reflect on your early days together and express hope for the future. 

Here is a sample from a lovely bride speech:

“Jamie has done a very good job of supporting me with the planning, he has come up with his own ideas (although if you look around, you won’t see a bouncy castle or any parmos – sorry babe!) He has put up with me stressing over the smallest of details and has feigned great interest in whether something is the right shade of sage.” (Bride Speech by Amy –

Make a Toast to Love

wedding toast
*Photo by Al Elmes on Unsplash

In the end, it is time for the final toast. When you come to the end of your speech, it is good to address your guests again, and have a callback to the earlier thank you gesture. By raising a glass to love, you bring your speech to a joyful and uplifting conclusion, inviting everyone to join you in celebrating the beautiful journey ahead.

Here is an example:

“To the pieces that make up our beautiful puzzle – our families, friends, and all the memories we’ve created. Here’s to us, to love that knows no borders, and to the chapters we’re about to write together. Cheers!” (Top 10 Bride Speech Examples – Bridebook

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