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Food is one of the essentials for every wedding, and is what makes a wedding memorable. There are different ways to serve food in a ceremony like this. Some prefer sit-downs while others go for buffet menus. Sit-down dinners are usually seen as a more elegant option; however, a buffet style reception provides a wider variety of choices, and more freedom. To organise a buffet, you need to pay attention to the types of food you plan to serve and how you want to present them. These choices will depend on wedding themes, local culture and personal preferences. Based on these factors, here are some of the best wedding buffet ideas you may implement.

Salad Bar

Wedding Salad bar-Minstrel Court
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In a salad bar, you have an opportunity to bring out all kinds of seasonal fruits and local vegetables onto the table. Of course, you don’t have to just stick to vegan options for your salad. Here are some of the best options for a good salad bar:

  • For dairy, you can include a variety of cheese, especially cottage cheese and yoghurt.
  • Nuts and seeds, including pistachios and peanuts, add a good colour and flavour to your menu.
  • Legumes, green peas, and beans can be included, too. 
  • Grain like barley and millet, as well as wild rice, are also great edibles when pre-cooked.
  • Eggs are another great source of protein.
  • And let’s not forget about a form of salad dressing to top it all. Have plenty of dressings available to fit different tastes.
  • Some meat ingredients are also used. An example would be tuna fish or pepperoni slices.

You should think of some methods like using a line of ice to keep your salad bar fresh for a long period of time. Plus, try to study different cultures to come up with a good way to decorate your bar.

Pizza Display

wedding buffet-pizza display-Minstrel Court
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Although pizzas are amongst the most popular dishes in the world, setting them up for a buffet is quite a challenge. The difficulty lies mainly in the decoration and ways of presentation. It goes without saying that pizzas are mostly served in cardboard boxes and are mostly casually eaten. However, for a wedding buffet, you have to think outside the box.

One idea is to put different types of pizzas on separate plates and line them up on a wooden table. You, then, can have a menu designed and ready, introducing what is on every plate. The pizzas will also be perfectly sliced for guests to choose from. You may put aside some take-home boxes for those who cannot finish their whole pizza. 

Another idea could be mini-pizzas or pizza pies that could be served as snacks. They can be put in tiny boxes decorated with the couple’s names.

Pizza can be served in tiers similar to multi-tier cakes that are usually served at weddings. This gives your display a real ceremonial look.

Pastries Display

wedding Pastries Display-Minstrel Court
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The display of pastries for a wedding could be also called dessert station, and its main highlight is the wedding cake. So, it is very important for your cake to look nice and beautifully decorated. 

You may consider using three-tier cakes having subtle textures in line with the culture and interests of the newlyweds. Around the cake could be enriched with a display of pies, sweets and cookies. You can select a theme or colour and try to organise your pastry based on that particular theme. 

Here are some great pastries you can choose for the dessert station:

  • Doughnuts give a lot of hue to your table as there is a variety of them, coming with different flavours, toppings, and fillings. They are also comparably more affordable and suitable for couples on budget.
  • Pies also come in different flavours and recently have gained more popularity. Apart from the usual full-size pies that are sliced up, you can go for mini-pies, giving the opportunity to your guests to grab different tastes.
  • Ice creams are also a great option. They are equally popular and can be a match for every wedding theme as you can select an array of toppings for them. 

Wedding Entree

Wedding Entree buffet-Minstrel Court
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What to choose for the entree is usually the biggest challenge because as the main course, they are richer in volume and need more preparation. Besides that, the guests’ tastes are varied, and there are some dishes they may not like very much. The best idea to solve this issue is to have two or three main entrees to pick from. Here are some of the dishes you can try:

  • Kebabs are especially good for outdoor weddings. Beef and chicken can be grilled right on site and the guests will have a lovely and fresh taste. Vegan skewers using mushrooms are also recommended for vegetarian guests.
  • You may try different kinds of seafood, but salmon is a wedding classic. It can be grilled, and then decorated with lemon, herbs, mushroom sauce and plenty of spices on the side.
  • Steak is a favourite in every restaurant and might as well be a top choice for your wedding guests. You may try different cuts, but the most famous one is the beef tenderloin. It is well-cooked and popular and probably easier to cook.
  • Fried chicken is also a good addition. It is family-friendly and reminds people of home and home-made dishes. It can be served with french fries or different types of sauce.

Light Bites

Wedding Light bites buffet-Minstrel Court
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Everyone might get hungry during the ceremony and might need to grab a small bite. A section of light bites is another great idea for a wedding buffet. We talked about mini-pizzas and how they can be used as snacks. You can also include a different section to snacks like that. Here are the best things to include:

  • Mini Tacos are small versions of the popular Mexican dish, made from tortillas and meat as their main ingredients. Mini-tacos are as tasty and look pretty good on the table, and can be beautified with different toppings.
  • Meatballs are simple, cheap, and extremely delicious. There are a variety of ways to prepare them, and could be served with different sauces.
  • French fries are very famous as appetisers and are everyone’s favourite. You can put them in small cones or plates and serve with several dips and mustard.

Get Help from Local Caterers near Minstrel Court

There are several places specialising in wedding displays and buffets in Cambridge and surrounding areas. It is a good idea to reach out to them for help. Here are a few:

  • Cambridge Buffet Company is a first-class catering service for individuals and corporate events in and around Cambridge. Their team of chefs, waitresses, and team work together to ensure that your special occasion is nothing short of perfect.
  • CDC Weddings is a caterer with a strong commitment to delivering quality dishes crafted from fresh, local ingredients that leave a lasting impression on guests. Their passionate chefs are always looking for ways to refine their menus and offer tastings to help couples customise their wedding day cuisine.
  • Little Piggy Catering specialises in creating unforgettable wedding spreads for every occasion. Specialising in relaxed dining, Little Piggy Catering customises menus to suit individual tastes and budgets, from canapés and champagne to multi-course feasts and delicious evening snacks.

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