Kids Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Delight Everyone

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Weddings are all about creating an immersive experience for every guest, regardless of age. For parents attending a child-friendly celebration, ensuring their children are entertained can make a significant difference in their overall enjoyment. So, having some sort of thoughtful and engaging kids’ wedding entertainment is becoming an essential part of wedding planning. In this post, we’ll provide you with some creative children’s wedding entertainment ideas. Use them to keep the little ones entertained and make your special day memorable for everyone involved.

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Before we delve into kids wedding entertainment ideas, let’s review the general rules you must follow in all your activities:

Create a Kid-Friendly Zone

Designate a special area at your wedding venue exclusively for children, adorned with vibrant colours and engaging themes. Fill the space with age-appropriate toys, colouring books, and puzzles to keep them entertained. If your budget allows, consider hiring a professional babysitter or children’s wedding entertainer to supervise the children, allowing parents to relax.

For additional tranquillity, establish a separate quiet zone for little ones. Utilise tents or canopies, and furnish the area with books, colouring stations, and building blocks. Once inside, children will be captivated, ensuring both a fun and peaceful atmosphere for kids and adults alike.

Provide Them with Plenty of Snacks

Looking to guarantee a joyful experience for kids and parents on your special day? One key to achieving this is by keeping the little ones well-fed. Hungry children can quickly become restless, leading to potential meltdowns and tears, which no one wants on a celebration day.

To tackle this, consider incorporating a variety of kid-friendly snacks during your cocktail hour. Providing a selection of healthy options, such as popcorn, cupcakes, and sandwiches, along with refreshing beverages like juices, milk, and lemonade, can work wonders. These delectable treats not only keep the youngsters satiated but also captivated, allowing parents to relax and enjoy the festivities.

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Tailor Activities to Suit Different Age Groups

It’s crucial to ensure that the activities and children’s wedding entertainment you provide are appropriate for the various age groups of child attendees. Keeping the ages of the children in mind when selecting activities, toys, and treats is essential. Some items may pose potential risks to children under the age of three, such as small parts or objects that could be choking hazards. Moreover, consider activities that are attractive to boys and girls alike. 

If your budget permits, consider the possibility of hiring a babysitter or a professional children’s wedding entertainer. They can help engage and supervise the children, ensuring that all age ranges are included in the festivities and that no child feels left out. It’s all about creating a fun and safe environment for every child, from the youngest to the oldest, to enjoy your special day.

Select Mess-Free Activities

Craft activities that keep little ones and your venue neat and tidy. When planning children’s wedding entertainment activities, striking a balance between entertainment and cleanliness is key. Parents love to see their little ones engaged, but the fear of stained clothes often lingers. To ensure a delightful, spotless experience, opt for activities with washable materials and choose games that don’t involve messy substances. Ensure that your designed activities won’t make their best clothes or your wedding venue dirty. Designate specific areas for activities, ensuring spills are contained and easily cleaned up. 

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Creative and Thoughtful Kids Wedding Entertainment Ideas

1. Arts and Crafts Corner

Children have a natural love for creativity, so consider establishing an arts and crafts corner where they can freely explore their imagination. Stock this corner with a diverse array of art supplies like coloured paper, markers, glue, and stickers. You can further enhance the experience by tailoring DIY crafts to match your wedding theme, enabling the kids to craft keepsakes that will forever remind them of this special day. For instance, they could personalise table numbers, or add their artistic touch to place mats. Additionally, you can encourage them to craft a paper wedding bouquet, design wedding cards, a wedding dress, or even a miniature wedding cake.

2. Interactive Games

Capture the children’s interest with interactive games that blend entertainment and education seamlessly. Timeless favourites like musical chairs, sack races and I Spy provide endless enjoyment. In addition, consider organising a thrilling treasure hunt, concealing small treasures or objects throughout the wedding venue. Equip them with clues or a treasure map to guide them in their quest, igniting their excitement as they explore and hunt for hidden treasures. This engaging activity promises to keep them captivated and eager as they embark on their adventurous exploration.

3. Outdoor Fun

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space at your venue, take advantage of it by organising outdoor activities not only for kids but for everyone. These activities offer the perfect opportunity for both kids and adults to engage, have fun, and create unforgettable memories. Below are some exciting outdoor game options that will ensure your guests of all ages have a fantastic time at your celebration. 

Energetic Yard Games

Bouncy castle

Mini golf

Lawn bowling



Oversized Garden Games


Giant Connect Four

Jumbo Snakes and Ladders

Oversized Dominoes

Giant Jenga

Traditional Outdoor Fun


Skipping ropes

Hula hoops

Sand box

Bubble station

Having a variety of games in these categories ensures both kids and adults have an enjoyable time, making the most out of the outdoor space at your venue.

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4. Hire Professional Entertainers or Childcare

If your budget allows, consider hiring a professional children’s wedding entertainer  to keep the kids occupied, making it a great time for both the kids and parents. Hiring kids entertainers might come with a price, but their impact is beyond value. From magicians, balloon artists, face painters, storytellers to party clowns and characters’ impersonators, there are a wide range of children’s wedding entertainers to choose from. 

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5. Kids’ Buffet

Create a specialised buffet tailored to kids’ tastes. Offer a variety of finger foods, mini sandwiches, and sweet treats. Don’t forget refreshing drinks like fruit juices and mocktails served in fun, colourful cups. This delightful spread ensures that the little ones are not only entertained but also treated to a culinary adventure designed just for them, making your wedding a memorable experience for all.

6. DIY Kids Photobooth

Enhance your wedding festivities with a DIY Kids Photobooth – a delightful corner filled with playful props. Encouraging endless giggles and imaginative poses, it captures precious moments and fuels their creativity. This simple setup not only entertains the little ones but also creates memorable snapshots for them and their parents. You could even ask the kids to make their own DIY props. Ask them to make DIY masks for a photo booth to create hours of fun for their little hands.

7. Kids Cooking Station

Set up a live cooking station where children can customise their own treats, guided by a kids’ cookery expert. From no-bake desserts to doughnut and cupcake decorating, let their creativity run wild. They can also decorate their own tacos or pizzas.

Don’t forget to provide the little chefs with aprons to prevent any stains on their finest clothes. 

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Many couples worry about children getting bored at their wedding, annoying their parents, or even going crazy at the reception. However, by incorporating these fabulous kids’ wedding entertainment ideas into your wedding plans, keeping children entertained would be super easy. This way you can create an inclusive and memorable experience for every guest. A well-thought-out kids’ entertainment section can transform your wedding into a family-friendly celebration where every guest, young and old, can enjoy the day to the fullest. So, let the laughter, games, and creativity flow, making your wedding an event that will be cherished by all for years to come. 

Try to encourage interactive games and activities that can be played in groups. We don’t recommend setting up a TV or video game console as wedding entertainment for kids. After all, weddings are about celebrating love and togetherness, and that includes the littlest members of your community.

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