Everything You Need to Know about a Nature-Themed Wedding

Wedding setting design - Minstrel Court

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As you are getting ready to tie the knot, preparations should be on the way for your wedding day. Some like to find a particular theme for their special day. They might plan a romantic wedding, a bohemian, or a classic one. You can, however, make nature itself a theme for your celebration day. Make your big day a gift to Mother Earth and try to blend with the surroundings as much as possible. For a nature-themed wedding, you need to plan every aspect of it having nature in mind. 

What to Wear

A bride is always the centre of most attention and the bride’s dress is to make a statement. Having said that, you must go for whatever you think fits and feels good. A wedding dress is usually white and goes with whatever colour you pick for the setting and background. You may also opt for more colourful fabrics that match the season. A nature-themed wedding dress is to embody growth, birth and eternal bliss.

The groom can have a traditional chic suit with neutral colours. It can have some dashes of earthly hues that go well with the bride’s dress. Some good examples include navy tweed suits of different colours and various checked suits.

How to Decorate

Photo by Gloria Bell on Flickr

Most of the decor ideas should go to the design of the wedding arch. It is a place where you and your sweetheart get hitched, and also the background for most of the photography.

There are several tips to consider when creating a nature-themed wedding arch:

  • First, you need to be creative. Don’t go straight for a traditional U-shape, and try V-shapes and hexagons and other minimalist shapes.
  • Decorate it with seasonal elements and flowers matching your colour palette. Give it a rustic look using vines and branches, and find one made out of wood rather than plastic.
  • Utilise the surroundings to the best of your ability. Perhaps an old cottage door nearby and an arch around it could serve well.

Apart from the arch, you should consider decorative tips for seating, tables, and other arrangements. For instance, if you are holding the ceremony outdoors, hang up lights and chandeliers from the trees, giving them a beautiful fairy tale look.

What Colours to Pick

To add more hue and feel to your wedding, have a colour palette in mind that evokes the climate and the season. For a nature-inspired wedding, the palette should incorporate earthly tones. In this regard, some experts suggest olive green, umber, rust, and dirty yellows. In general, darker shades have a more rustic appeal, and they perfectly match spring or autumn hues.

Let the surrounding environment dictate what sort of colours are good for you. Try to include what looks great on camera and enrich your wedding bouquet with local plants. Certainly, an organic bouquet will add a romantic touch to your wedding photos.

Invitation and Save-the-Date Cards

Photo by Jonathan Vo on Flickr

You must consider the same tone and colour for the cards too. Design the card with a charming picture of you and your partner-to-be against a background of a garden or a forest. It could be a picture where you have your nature-themed suit and dress on. Furthermore, the design should be enhanced with illustrations of flowers and plants. Make the guests feel they are entering a wonder world of magic and fantasy.

Food and Cake

Food is preferred to be served outdoors amidst the foliage and the scenic atmosphere. You might go one step further and offer picnic-style service. Bring ordinary benches with deck chairs and have the dishes served in baskets or blankets.

Finally, you would want your wedding to end with a nature-themed wedding cake. Here is where cooking and art meet and your baker should come up with a cake that has a touch of earthly elements. There are various elements you might decorate it with. Here are some of them.

  • Elements of nature like ferns, acorns, and willow branches to give it a breathtaking look;
  • Cinnamon sticks, chocolate swirls, and buttercreams of earthly colours;
  • Using mint, thin fondant ribbon and a wooden tier stand to add a leaf motif to it.

What Kind of Music

The theme can also determine the music that is going to be played at your wedding. You may find it hard selecting songs that are both romantic and nature-inspired. However, there are lots of instrumental songs out there that are used for meditation in the woods. They use sounds of natural elements like water streams and the movement of leaves in the wind. Country music is also a good fit and you’ll have plenty of songs in that genre. 

Where to Celebrate

It is finally time for the wedding ceremony and time to kiss your partner. It is important to select a location that inspires the theme of your wedding. In fact, you should hold it outdoors surrounded by natural flowers and greenery. Minstrel Court, for instance, is a magical venue where you will have a romantic view of the sky against an idyllic green backdrop. The beautiful shores of the lake also host beautiful flowers and majestic trees.

A natural location like a garden and forest will be extremely inspirational during the photo shoot, and you will have a chance to take the most breathtaking and memorable photos. If there are some plants or flowers not available in the garden of your choice, you can always ask your florist to add some and make them look natural against your background.

Holding the ceremony in the summer looks the easiest as all colours are in bloom and you have a lot of choices to select from. Even so, a winter wedding in a natural setting will be as beautiful and the sight of white snow will make everything look magical and pristine.

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