The Perfect Fit: The Ultimate Guide to Buying Men’s Engagement Rings

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Engagement rings for men have a fascinating history that dates back centuries, reflecting evolving cultural norms and societal values. Traditionally, women were known to wear engagement rings, and it was not customary for men. 

Men’s engagement rings are a more recent custom and have recently become a trend. Changing gender roles and a growing recognition of equality in relationships had led to many men wearing a ring too. Rings for men have become the sign of fidelity, and just like for women, they are a sign of togetherness and equality during marriage.

Tips for Buying Man’s Engagement Rings

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When you are buying an engagement ring for your partner, there are certain tips to consider. Unlike women’s rings, men’s engagement rings often prioritise subtlety and practicality, while still maintaining a sense of elegance. There are factors you should consider that you wouldn’t think about if you were purchasing a ring for yourself. Here are some tips:


There are a variety of rings and ring styles out there with various price tags. Your personal budget plays an important role in selecting your choice of ring. Setting a clear budget helps narrow down the options and ensures you make the right decision.

Rings can range widely in price depending on metal choice, gemstone quality, and design complexity.


Men’s engagement rings come in a diverse array of styles, each offering a unique expression of personality and taste. From classic and understated bands to bold and contemporary designs, the style of the ring should reflect the individual’s character and lifestyle.

Knowing your partner’s style is paramount. Talk to friends and family to find out what your partner likes. Try to find out as much information from him as possible, even if you want to keep it a secret. Look at his other accessories and pieces of jewellery to familiarise yourself with his style.


Ensuring the perfect fit is essential when purchasing a men’s engagement ring. Unlike other types of jewellery, an engagement ring is worn daily and must be comfortable and secure.  

The ring size is very important, but finding it out is a bit tricky. A ring sizer might be the best option. You may also use another ring, or simply a string.

13 Unique Engagement Rings for Men

*Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

For those seeking something truly distinctive, unique engagement rings for men offer a way to make a personal and unforgettable statement. Here are some of the best rings out there with unique designs and luxurious looks.

1. Titanium with Mokume and Meteorite

This extraordinary ring is crafted from durable titanium, known for its strength and lightweight properties. The cobaltium mokume adds a fluid aesthetic to the ring. This mokume complements the angular, structured fragments of Gibeon meteorite, which are embedded in the titanium band.

2. 9ct White Gold and Rose Gold Diamond

This men’s engagement ring is an elegant and sophisticated piece. The ring is embellished with three round brilliant diamonds. These diamonds are set along the rose gold strip, and the band itself is 9ct white gold.

3. Platinum Double Groove Court Ring

This sophisticated ring is made from high-quality platinum and is an excellent choice for everyday wear. The 6 mm ring features a double groove pattern, adding a touch of modern elegance to the classic court style.

4. Sterling Silver 9ct Yellow Gold Stripe Ring

This men’s engagement ring showcases a combination of sterling silver and 9ct yellow gold. The combination of white and yellow gives the ring a stylish look. This stripe adds a touch of warmth and luxury, enhancing the ring’s overall aesthetic.

5. 18ct Rose Gold 5mm Extra Heavyweight D Shape Ring

This ring is another stylish yet simple choice for men. The ring is made from 18ct rose gold. It is designed in a classic D shape, which is characterised by a rounded exterior and a flat interior.

6. Meteorite with Turquoise and Titanium

This ring features a combination of titanium, Gibeon meteorite, and authentic turquoise, creating a distinctive and colourful cosmic look. The main band is crafted from titanium, whose natural silver-grey colour provides a modern and sleek backdrop for the inlays. The vibrant blue-green hues of the turquoise inlay add a pop of colour and a connection to Earth’s natural beauty.

7. Vera Wang 18ct White Gold 0.45ct Diamond Ring

This luxurious piece features a substantial band made from 18ct white gold, providing a sturdy yet refined base. Adding to its allure, this engagement ring includes subtle yet meaningful details. Inside the shank, the ring is inscribed with “Vera Wang LOVE” and features signature blue sapphire.

8. 9ct Yellow Gold & Diamond Signet Ring

This ring presents a contemporary interpretation of a timeless men’s accessory. The classic signet design is enhanced with a modern flair through the incorporation of diagonal diamond detailing.

9. Men’s 0.07ct G/Vs Diamond Platinum Dress Ring

This diamond platinum dress ring offers a sleek, modern look with its robust and lustrous metal. The centrepiece of the design is a 0.07 carat diamond of G colour and VS clarity, ensuring exceptional brilliance and a captivating sparkle.

10. Diamond Men’s Ring 7069

This ring is a lovely choice for those looking to commemorate their most cherished moments. Designed as a wedding ring, this piece features three centrally set diamonds. This versatile ring is available in a variety of precious metals, including 18K white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum 950, allowing for customisation to suit personal preferences and styles. 

11. 18ct Yellow Gold and Zirconium Men’s Wedding Ring

The 18ct Yellow Gold and Zirconium Men’s Wedding Ring is a modern ring with a classic twist and a symbol of enduring love. The contrast between the warm, rich hue of 18ct yellow gold and the sleek, dark zirconium creates a visually striking appearance that stands out.

12. Men’s 0.07ct H/Si Diamond 18K Gold Dress Ring

This men’s engagement ring is another perfect option for your partner. The central stone has a baguette shape, in a rub-over setting. This lovely ring exudes an alluring charm with its sophisticated design and luxurious materials.

13. Black Diamonds Men’s Ring 

This striking ring features bold geometric styling that enhances its modern appeal, set against a half-round band with a brushed finish. Intricately detailed and designed to stand out, the centre of the ring is adorned with hammer-set black diamonds, adding a touch of bold sophistication.

The process of purchasing an engagement ring is a unique opportunity to express love and commitment in a way that resonates personally. With enough knowledge and experience, you are more than likely to find the perfect engagement ring for men.

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