The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Dress Codes for Men

Minstrel Court - dress code for men

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Receiving an invitation to a wedding can make you extremely happy and, at the same time, a bit nervous. The anxiety stems from the worry of what to wear to the big event. Many invitations often include specific dress code instructions, and deciphering the terminology used can sometimes be quite challenging. There are several wedding dress codes for men that you are most likely to see in a lot of such invitations. Familiarising yourself with their fundamentals will empower you to select the perfect attire for the celebration.

The Most Common Wedding Dress Codes

Minstrel Court - wedding dress code for men
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1. White Tie

White tie is the most formal dress code, according to experts. Reserved for the most extravagant affairs, this dress code demands the pinnacle of traditional evening wear for men.

The cornerstone is the evening tailcoat paired with trousers, resembling a tuxedo but elevated to an even grander level of sophistication. Tuxedos are what you should definitely wear. 

Accessories play an important role. The bow tie, vest, and wing-collar shirt must all be immaculately white. The shoes have to be black patent leather, complementing the refinement the outfit demands.

2. Black Tie

A step below White Tie but still undeniably formal, Black Tie events call for a refined and polished look. For this dress code, you will still be wearing a tuxedo, but its colour does not have to be black.

An alternative to a black tuxedo is a white dinner jacket with black trousers. It is especially good for a summer or spring wedding, as the white colour absorbs less heat from the sun.

Plus, you have to wear a black tie, which could be either a regular necktie or a bow tie, depending on your preference. Another essential item is black leather shoes.

3. Black Tie Optional (Formal)

For events labelled “Black Tie Optional” or “Formal,” avoiding overly casual materials, bold patterns, and excessive textures is crucial. Formal dress code is most typical of evening weddings.

Here, you have the flexibility to choose between a classic tuxedo and a dark suit. When it comes to colours, choose black, grey, or navy. In appropriate settings, lighter tones, like light green and brown, are also acceptable.

4. Semiformal (Cocktail)

Semiformal occasions, often referred to as cocktail attire, provide a stylish middle ground. This dress code allows for a touch of personal flair while maintaining a level of sophistication.

Here, you should still wear a jacket, but your choice of necktie can differ. In fact, you don’t need to necessarily wear a bow tie or a necktie.

Consider a double-breasted suit to introduce a touch of pattern and carefree charm. The colour you choose is pretty optional, and you can embrace a broader spectrum of colours.

5. Beach

The beach is an attractive setting for destination weddings. Beach weddings call for a more relaxed and breathable style. 

The beachy wedding dress code has recently gained a lot of popularity. For the beach dress code, light and airy fabrics like linen are your best friends.

This dress code asks for a suit of light colours and material. As for the shirt, you may wear a white linen shirt. Some even go further by wearing a Hawaiian floral shirt.

6. Casual

The casual dress code is an invitation to infuse your ensemble with a dash of personality. Feel free to experiment with colours and patterns, allowing your outfit to reflect the relaxed atmosphere of the celebration.

However, you need to be careful not to be too risky. It is a mistake to think of casual as jeans and a t-shirt. Experts suggest you wear don trousers and bottom-up shirts at the very least.

Casual colours are also pretty flexible. For example, in the summer, you might as well select brighter colours like light blue and pale purple, and in the winter, choose darker hues.

Some Additional Tips

Now that you’ve acquainted yourself with the most common dress codes for men, let’s delve into some additional tips to keep in mind. Here are a few valuable pointers.

Take the Season into Account

Minstrel Court - wedding dress code for men
*Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

When deciphering the perfect wedding dress code for men, one must be attuned to the season in which the celebration takes place. For spring and summer weddings, opt for lighter fabrics and hues, embracing the vibrancy of the season. During the summer, it is more practical to go for linen or silk-linen because of the heat.

In contrast, fall and winter weddings call for richer, warmer tones and the embrace of heavier fabrics like tweed or wool. Textured fabrics are a great fit for winter weddings. A mix of a textured jacket and a plain shirt make up a very beautiful outfit for this season. Flannel coats also work well for the cocktail dress code, coming in beautiful shades and looking comfortable and casual.

Check the Weather

Checking the weather forecast before the wedding is paramount. So, ensure you are prepared for whatever meteorological surprises may come your way. Prepare yourself for a possible rain, snow, or storm, and be mindful of the wind.

In cases of cooler temperatures or potential rain, layering becomes key. The evening of an outdoor celebration could suddenly turn cold. That’s why you should bring an extra jacket, cardigan, or something of that sort.

Consider the Time of Day

Minstrel Court - wedding dress code for men
*Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

The time of day can significantly influence your choice of attire, dictating the formality and colour palette of what you wear. Daytime weddings generally call for lighter colours and more relaxed styles.

Evening affairs, on the other hand, lean towards darker, more formal attire. Also, the evening is usually colder and calls for warmer attire, even during the summer.

Armed with knowledge about the common codes and a handful of essential tips, you are well-prepared to navigate the diverse sartorial landscapes of weddings.

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