Top 23 Wedding Trends for 2023

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Are you looking to have a stylish and right-on-trend wedding as you plan for your perfect day? Find out what the newest wedding trends are going to be this year to create a day that is truly unique to you and your partner. From bold decor and personalised touches to unique wedding venues, you’ll be sure to find the perfect way to make your wedding stand out from the rest. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or a modern twist, this list of top wedding trends for 2023 will help you plan the perfect day.

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What Will Weddings Look Like in 2023?

In 2023, couples will continue to make their weddings entirely their own by personalising their day in unique and meaningful ways. This shift away from the ‘typical’ wedding look and feel is driven by a desire to express their values. Couples want to break away from the norms of traditional weddings more than any time. 

Instead of relying on trends, to-be-weds are incorporating personalised elements such as unique venues and decors, unusual colour palettes, and personalised outfits for the bride, groom and the wedding party. This focus on personalisation has created an atmosphere of creativity and individuality that is sure to continue in the years ahead.

1. Maximalism

2023 is seeing a rise in the popularity of Maximalist Weddings, which contrasts with the minimalist trend of “less is more.” With this approach, couples strive to create a remarkable and unforgettable experience through extravagant decor, daring dress codes, and remarkable entertainment. Everything is designed to be larger than life and to leave a lasting impression on all attendees.

2. Destination Weddings

The after-effects of the pandemic have caused a dramatic increase in the popularity of destination weddings. After a prolonged period of restricted travel, couples are now eager to venture out and explore the world with their guests. As a result, there has been a surge in enquiries for destination weddings. People look for a way to celebrate their nuptials in a far-off place.

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3. More Intimate Ceremonies

After years of mini and backyard weddings due to the pandemic, wedding trends for 2023 will likely continue to reflect the trend of smaller guest lists. Couples are choosing to focus on creating a unique experience with only their closest friends and family. They are avoiding the need to invite people they may not even know. 

4. Guest Experience

For weddings in 2023, the guest experience will be at the forefront of couples’ minds. This will likely mean more selective guest lists, with only the most special people invited. Couples will be able to pay more attention to the details, such as decor, menus, and other elements since they will be hosting a smaller number of guests. This will also allow them to create a more intimate atmosphere and provide a more luxurious experience for their guests.

5. Outdoor Weddings

The COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in the number of couples who chose to host outdoor weddings for safety reasons. This trend has become so widespread that it now seems like a permanent feature of wedding ceremonies. Consequently, venues that host both indoor and outdoor events have risen in popularity. People prefer to enjoy large, open spaces and fresh air while celebrating special moments. It appears that outdoor venues will continue to be in demand during the upcoming year.

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6. Wedding Tents

The growing trend of outdoor events has given rise to a number of unique tent designs. Glass tents, which allow people to enjoy their natural surroundings while being shielded from the elements, have become increasingly popular this year. Moreover, many couples are opting for venues that already have marquees on the premises due to the cost of tenting.

7. Quirky Natural Locations

Wedding trends for 2023 are showing a shift towards outdoor weddings in natural settings. Couples are selecting outdoor weddings in natural settings to feel a more intimate connection to nature. Furthermore, there has been a rising demand for unconventional venues like the desert, beach, rainforest, and mountains, as people want to break away from traditional structured locations.

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8. Historical Venues  

The high demand for historical wedding venues this year is indicative of a larger trend in weddings. Couples are increasingly seeking out unique and interesting locations to tie the knot. Historical sites and venues such as grand ballrooms to quaint courtyards offering breathtaking views are the most sought-after wedding sites this year. 

9. Bold Colour Palettes

In 2023, couples are creating eye-catching atmospheres for their wedding with the use of vibrant and striking colour palettes. Instead of sticking to the traditional white and ivory colours, couples are embracing bold and daring hues as well as unexpected combinations of contrasting colours. Couples are opting for bold floral arrangements, colour-blocked decorations, and bouquets with many colours like pink, purple, and red to express their personalities.

10. Wedding Dresses

The ’80s fashion is back: Be prepared for wedding dresses featuring lots of puffy sleeves, organza layers and pearl accents with a touch of modernity and impressive details. Additionally, embroidered accessories will be popular with brides having their veil, gloves, or any other accessories embroidered. As we saw in 2022, brides will continue to choose colourful gowns for their big day in 2023 . Floral gowns, pink, blue, and even red dresses will be popular this year to add personality and flair weddings.

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11. Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses 

The trend of mismatched bridesmaid dresses will continue to be among the popular wedding trends for 2023. The bridesmaids will wear a variety of colours, patterns, and styles that still coordinate with each other. This dressing style will give them a lot more freedom. They can choose their dresses in a way that expresses their personalities. 

12. Formal Fashion

Brides and grooms are choosing to go for a more formal look for their weddings this year. As larger, more elegant events are replacing the relaxed, intimate backyard nuptials of the past year, black and white-tie weddings are becoming more popular than ever. 

13. Sustainability

At present, it is becoming increasingly important for couples to be environmentally conscious when planning their weddings. They are working to make their big day more sustainable by selecting eco-friendly venues, incorporating green decor items, and using either recycled paper or digital invitations. Single-use plastic and other materials that are harmful to the environment are being replaced with sustainable rentals. Furthermore, more brides are opting for wedding dress rentals to minimise their wedding’s carbon footprint and holding a greener event.

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14. Eco-Friendly Favours

Eco-friendly wedding favours are in high demand as couples look to reduce their impact on the environment while still expressing their appreciation to their guests. These favours can take many forms, from edible treats made from locally sourced ingredients to small plants or wildflower seeds that guests can take home and plant. Reusable items like cloth bags, mugs, or even stainless steel straws are also popular options. Some couples will even go further by choosing to donate to an environmental charity in place of giving out traditional favours.

15. Digital Weddings

In 2023, digital weddings are expected to be the norm. Couples are utilising the various digital resources accessible to organise details relating to their special day. This includes virtual save-the-dates, thank-you notes, and wedding invites, as well as budgeting apps and digital gift registries. Guests will have access to all the required information on their mobile phones with the help of QR codes. Besides, those who are unable to attend in person will be able to join in the joyous celebration via video streaming.

16. Humanist Ceremonies

Millennial couples are increasingly foregoing the services of a religious figure or professional officiants. Instead, they are preferring a friend or family member to preside over their nuptials. With a desire to ensure their marriage ceremony reflects their unique personalities, many couples tying the knot in 2023 will be looking for an alternative to a traditional officiant.

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17. Candid Photos

2023 is seeing a shift in wedding photography from the typical posed shots to more spontaneous, natural light-filled images. Referred to as editorial or documentary photography, the focus is on capturing life as it happens and all its imperfections. Additionally, blurry drunk photos capturing movement are gaining traction. To top it off, an old-school vibe is making a return with the use of direct flash and film photography.

18. Live Food Stations

This year, live food stations have become a highly sought-after addition to weddings. Guests are able to select from a range of appetisers, entrees, and desserts that are cooked and served right before them. This interactive experience allows the guests to customise their meals and be involved in the preparation process. 

19. Intimate Wedding Squads

Goodbye to the super-sized wedding parties and the overwhelming task of coordinating a large group of friends. Wedding parties are becoming more intimate in size and couples are selecting their closest friends, regardless of gender, to be part of their special day ‘wedding party’ or ‘wedding squad’ replacing the traditional ‘bridal party.’ Couples are moving away from traditional gender-focused roles for their wedding group. They are instead opting for mixed-gender wedding parties including their ‘bridesmates’ and ‘groomsmaids’ to reflect their true circles of friends.  

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20. No First Look

In recent years, it has become increasingly popular for couples to forgo the ‘First Look’ tradition and get ready together for their wedding day. This is going to be another popular wedding trend for 2023 as many couples are choosing to break the old rule of separating until the wedding and instead spend the time before the event with each other. This is seen as a way to help relax each other’s nerves and share some private moments before the ceremony. 

21. Private Last Dance

For the last song of their wedding day, many couples in 2023 are opting for a private last dance. This allows them to reflect on the day and appreciate everything that has happened. Even a private first dance is becoming popular, with the DJ playing the couple’s song while the reception hall is set up. This helps ease any pre-wedding jitters. On their special day, the couple has the spotlight for the entire reception, but for the final dance, guests leave the dance floor, giving the couple a private moment to themselves. This allows them to take in the moment, despite the surprising speed of the day.

22. Go to TikTok for Inspiration

TikTok has opened up its way to the wedding industry and is revolutionising the way couples plan their big day. From DIY decorations to wedding dresses, dance floor ideas and budgeting tips, TikTok is offering a whole new way for couples to get inspired for their wedding day. With its fun and quirky videos, couples can find ideas for their day to truly reflect their personalities. By referring to TikTok instead of Instagram, couples can make their wedding day more special and unique.

23. Unique Guest Books

Couples are now more imaginative when it comes to wedding guest books. Many newlyweds are making them a special and entertaining experience for their guests. Rather than just getting signatures, they are requesting their guests to leave them written messages on items like champagne bottles, polaroids, guitars, records, and puzzle pieces. Additionally, they are asking for audio or video messages from their loved ones. They also make these digital by creating a wedding website featuring a guestbook or make a guestbook app to which guests can submit messages, photos or videos. This way, couples can have a special memory to access and revisit for years to come.

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2023 is set to be an exciting year for weddings. Couples are looking for ways to make their day unique and memorable –whether through incorporating personal touches, vibrant and eye-catching colour schemes, hiring historical locations, having private last dances, or any other innovations that will express their personalities. Thanks to digital resources and apps, couples can also plan their wedding in a sustainable and efficient way. No matter the theme, wedding trends for 2023 will give couples the freedom to go for a truly one-of-a-kind and unforgettable wedding.

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