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From beautiful candid shots to very creative poses, every couple wants their wedding photos to capture special memories that will last forever. But when it comes to taking the perfect snap, where do you begin? It is a good idea to have a checklist to give to your photographer, making sure they are fully informed about the task, and that you are all on the same page. Here is a list of wedding photo ideas that will help you create lasting memories and remind you of your magical day. 

1. Candid Shots

Photo of Bride and Bridesmaids - Minstrel Court
*photo by Chris Ainsworth on Unsplash

Creating the perfect wedding album requires some thought and planning, and some of the most beautiful memories can come from candid shots taken on the big day. Candid photos are taken without people’s knowledge at a particular moment and appear natural rather than staged.

These shots are able to reveal the true relationship and capture the imperfect moments. Trust your photographer and grant them permission to capture the unseen moments and people’s real reactions and surprises.

2. Creative Poses

Photo of the Bride & Groom - Minstrel Court
*Photo by Emily Hanna on Flickr

Creating an unforgettable wedding album filled with meaningful memories can be difficult, but adding creative poses to the mix will make the photos stand out. Couples can customise their poses to capture something that is truly special and unique for them. Nevertheless, here are some of the most successful tries:

  • The Handhold pose is a common one among couples and involves them holding each other’s hands while standing, walking towards the camera, or away. This simple pose makes for beautiful shots.
  • Increasingly popular is the Blindfolded Bride pose which takes inspiration from an old tradition that prevented the groom from seeing his soon-to-be-wife before marriage.
  • The Lying Down pose has also become popular, with the couple lying down on grass or autumn leaves as an aerial camera captures this special moment.

3. Group Shots

Hendu Themed Wedding - Minstrel Court
*photo by Vikram yadav on Flickr

Group photos are an essential part of capturing all the special moments from your wedding day. The bride and groom should always be included in the photo, as well as their parents, siblings, bridesmaids, ushers, and close friends. 

It is key to plan and prepare for group shots by informing everyone in advance when they need to be ready for their photos. This gives the photographer enough time to create ideas for the perfect shot and ensures that everyone is included in the memorable event.

4. Natural Lighting

Wedding Photo Ideas - Minstrel Court
*photo by Dmitry Schemelev on Unsplash

Finding the perfect lighting for your wedding photos is essential to creating lasting memories. Taking advantage of natural light, such as during an outdoor ceremony before sundown or when the weather allows, often yields the best results. 

When possible, opt for a photographer who can rely on natural light without having to use a flash – these shots are among the most natural and beautiful. Be sure to check that the conditions are right for utilising natural light before making your final decision!

5. Action and Adventure

Bride & Groom Photo in the Jungle - Minstrel Court
*photo by Ali Choubin on Unsplash

Bring the spirit of adventure to your wedding photos with action and adventure-themed shots. Adventure weddings, a modern version of elopements found in old books and journals, are all the rage. These grand journeys take couples through mountains, roads, and beaches instead of just walking down an aisle. 

The photos taken of these moments are as exciting as the journey itself; they add a whole new dimension to the wedding album. Whether you’re looking for high-adrenaline excitement or something more fun, action and adventure-themed shots make for unique pictures on your special day.

6. Playful Takes

Wedding Photo Ideas - Minstrel Court
*photo by Devi Firdaus on Unsplash

Creating the best wedding photos requires some creative, playful takes. Couples can engage in funny activities like making faces together or playing peek-a-boo. A surprise visitor in a cartoonish costume can add an unexpected element to the day, and children photobombing the couple are sure to provide some lasting memories. 

A skilled photographer can capture those unique moments and give the couple freedom to come up with their own ideas. Adding a bit of playfulness to your wedding photos will turn your memories into something truly special.

7. Romantic Shots

Photo of the Bride & Groom the the Sunset - Minstrel Court
*photo by Anna Vi on Unsplash

Nothing quite compares to the love and affection evident in wedding photos –  it captures a perfectly fleeting moment between the couple. To create memorable photographs, different techniques, angles and approaches can be tried. 

Unique angles such as silhouettes of the couple framed against a majestic sunset or infectious laughter while cutting the cake, can help make all these moments last forever. Whether you opt for posed shots or candid ones, capturing intimate moments on your big day is essential.

8. Aerial Perspective

Wedding Photo Ideas - Minstrel Court
*photo by Carlo Buttinoni on Unsplash

Aerial photography is becoming increasingly popular among couples who seek distinct drone shots of their wedding. These photographs are different from more common close-up and medium shots in that they capture the entire venue, setting the scene. 

To get a good aerial photo, the photographer needs to have skill and experience with drones; consider hiring specialised photography firms if seeking such services. In terms of the location of the wedding, an outdoor space will offer plenty of air space for the drone to move about in; should this not be possible, other measures could be taken such as taking photos from the roof, a close hill or even using a tripod.

9. Photojournalistic Approach

Bride Getting Ready with the Help of the Bridemaids - Minstrel Court
*photo by Ryan Polei on Flickr 

For a truly unique wedding photography style, try a photojournalistic approach. By taking a photojournalistic approach, it’s possible to create truly stunning photos that tell a story about the day.

This approach records real moments of the wedding day without being disruptive or intrusive. It allows the couple to re-experience the day in an authentic and genuine way while preserving everyone’s true emotions in photos. With this approach, couples can visually narrate their wedding day with photos that will illustrate laughter, tears, and embraces in raw emotion.

10. Architectural Elements

Wedding Photo Ideas - Minstrel Court
*photo by Ulyana Tim on Unsplash

If there’s a church, castle, or other iconic structure nearby, why not try taking some shots there? This could include capturing interesting details of the venue or placing the bride and groom in front of doors and columns for a beautiful backdrop. 

A good backdrop is essential to capture amazing photos on the big day. The couple framing themselves in a doorway of a gorgeous 19th-century home, or standing beside ornate stonework adds grandeur to their session. Couples recognise that photography outside of the traditional hall or backyard provides unique backdrops and stunning photos to remember their big day.

11. Use of Props

Wedding Photo Ideas - Minstrel Court
*photo by  TheLookingGlassPhotoBooths on Flickr 

Incorporating props such as bubbles and balloons is an excellent way to add vibrancy and visual interest to a wedding. These objects will bring a whimsical, celebratory atmosphere and make poses stand out from the crowd for timeless images. 

It is now not uncommon for many weddings to include a photo booth with backdrops and props available for guests. This allows guests to have fun, take beautiful pictures, and capture unique memories of the day.

Wedding Photographers near Minstrel Court

No matter what wedding photo ideas you choose, make sure your photos are a reflection of your most cherished memories. With the right photographer and these unforgettable wedding photo ideas, you can be sure your day will be remembered for years to come. Professional photographers are there to help capture your special moments and ensure they turn out just as beautiful as you imagined them. Here are some good photography firms near Minstrel Court:

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