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Na'im & Sara's Wedding Picture - Minstrel Court

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Wedding Venue in Cambridge Reopens under New Ownership: Sara and Na’im have recently purchased and are now running the spectacular Minstrel Court in Hertfordshire. Minstrel Court is a picturesque, romantic wedding venue in the gorgeous English countryside. The couple got married at the venue in August 2022 and fell in love with its charm and atmosphere so decided to seize the opportunity when it was about to be put on the market.

Sara is a practicing dentist and Na’ím studied Natural Sciences and is a hotelier owning various hotels around the country. The couple bring a unique blend of skills and expertise to Minstrel Court.Sara’s attention to detail is unsurpassed and with every single detail counting in the event industry, it is essential to be a perfectionist, ensuring that all aspects of the venue are well-maintained and of the highest standard.

Na’im’s keen understanding and experience in the hospitality industry are invaluable in the event industry.

Wedding Venue in Cambridge Reopens – Dec 2022

Since December, Sara, Na’im and their dedicated team have been working tirelessly to create the perfect venue for brides and grooms to start their lives together. Constant upgrades are being made to enhance this already magnificent venue.

Being talented and experienced in running a venue is essential but passion and dedication set this couple apart. Creating a magical experience for couples and their guests is an honour and Sara and Na’ím intend to always appreciate and respect this honour.

If you would like to view this breathtaking venue, click here.

One dream, one day… Lifelong memories are made at Minstrel Court.

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