Our Story

Image of Naim and Sara the owners of the venu on their wedding day - Minstrel Court

We are a husband and wife team that got married here at Minstrel Court in 2022! We absolutely fell in love with the place, so when we found out that the previous owner was leaving and it was shutting down, we couldn’t bear to see it go. We decided to take a leap and buy the venue ourselves in the hope that we could provide others with the beautiful experience that we had. It is therefore our pledge to do everything we can to give you the most perfect event imaginable!

Our personal connection to this charming venue fuels our dedication to making every moment unforgettable. We’ve poured our hearts into every detail, ensuring that your special occasion is as magical as ours was. Your happiness and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we look forward to sharing the beauty of Minstrel Court with you, creating cherished memories for years to come.

With love,

Sara & Na’im

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